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Recent Comments Widget created by Beautifulbeta and Hackosphere is quite handy to track down new comments posted in any of of the articles in our blogs, regardless the posting dates.

At one time, however, I decided to delete the widget as the loading time were sometimes very slow. After re-installing, I rarely have problems with it. It is stable and reliable now.
I installed the widget for Ika's Blog recently, but she wants to learn how to do it, and this is the answer for the request that maybe useful for others as well.

These are detail steps for newbies.

  1. Go to Beautifulbeta download page. For experienced users, just follow the steps written in the page

  2. Copy the Javascript sourcefile: <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

  3. Go to your dashboard:
    - click layout,
    - click Edit HTML,
    - click "Download Full Template"-link,
    - save in your hard-disk as backup if things went wrong.
    - find </head>-tag (press Ctrl+F, type: /head, enter),
    - paste the Javascript sourcefile just above the </head>-tag.
    - click "SAVE TEMPLATE" button.

  4. Go to "Beautifulbeta download page":
    - click "Add Recent Comments to Blog" button
    - change blog url "beautifulbeta" to your blog name,
    - click "Customize" button,
    - click "Add Widget to My Blog" button,
    - click "ADD WIDGET" button.

  5. Go to your Page Element:
    - position the widget on your blog to satisfy your taste.
    - you can change parameters by clicking the "Edit link"

By installing Recent Widget Comments, you give assurance to the readers that their comments will be read by other visitors and the blog owner, even though blog owners actually receive e-mail notifications for every new comments posted. Enjoy.

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