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More on Leo Kristi

It would be interesting to find out of how many Indonesian people really know or have ever heard about Leo Kristi. Gombloh is certainly a lot more popular than him, and unfortunately those who have ever watched Leo Kristi on stage might not be that impressed with his performance.

It's a mistake to know Leo Kristi by seeing him on the stage. People need to listen to his works from the cassettes first, which unfortunately are no longer available in the music stores, as Leo Kristi is rarely perfect when he performs.

It's probably true that his fans actually are crazier to his lyrics and his music, rather than to Leo Kristi as a person.

Nyanyian Malam was the first album that I purchased, even though it is not the first album he produced. Later I bought Nyanyian Fajar, Nyanyian Tanah Merdeka, Nyanyian Cinta, Nyanyian Tambur Jalanan and Lintasan Hijau Hitam. However, I couldn't find the cassettes anywhere in my home.

Just recently I joined mailing list of and got acquinted with some of Leo Kristi die hard fans, or LKers (pronounced LeKêrs), that led to a meeting at my home at Cibubur.

Despite the fact that I just met those people on that very day, we were quickly glued by our common interest, playing and admiring Leo Kristi's songs like crazy. More than 80% of about 90 plus Leo Krist's songs, were played from noon to evening. One LKers said that it was like having multiple orgasms, other said it was like a long solemn prayer, another person said it was like charmed by unearthly hands.

With the spirit of getting more people to know Leo Kristi's works, last night in my farewell party (I left the company and am joining another one), I played guitar and sang Serenada Pagi 1971 and Anna Rebana for my colleagues. It was not a perfect performance but, hey, even Leo himself has never been perfect on the stage either. Still, it seems they liked it.

There are actually a couple of albums that I have never had, such as Tembang Lestari, Diapenta Anak Merdeka, and Catur Paramita albums. Sadly, we still can not find any of Leo Kristi's albums in any music stores today.

Leo Kristi has made by himself what he called limited edition package, containing 10 albums, i.e. Catur Paramita, Diapenta Anak Merdeka, Lintasan Hijau Hitam, Nyanyian Cinta, Nyanyian Fajar, Nyanyian Malam, Nyanyian Tambur Jalanan, Nyanyian Tanah Merdeka, Salam dari Desa dan Deretan Rel-rel (new versions), and Tembang Lestari. He sells it for Rp.1 million per package.

I sent a text message to Leo last week (he can be reached at 0818503380), informing him that I would buy the package. He replied that he was in Bandung, and would inform me when he is in Jakarta, after returning to his hometown of Surabaya. Yes, it's expensive, but Leo knows some people like me who is desperately looking for his songs would be willing to buy it.

It seems that Leo has difficulties in dealing with music producers. Whatever the reasons, however, it is really a huge loss for Indonesian people for not being able to listen and be inspired by his music. Somebody need to do something to make his works can be available again in the music stores, with a more affordable price. Who knows that the somebody would probably be you and or me.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: September 04, 2007.

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