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Miss Kadaluwarsa

I think it was miss Kadaluwarsa who called me, because I thought I wouldn't be able see it. After having lunch at Sate Sanayan Kebon Sirih, alone, my mind became slightly clearer. Instead of heading home, I drove my car to Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Playhouse), where Miss Kadaluwarsa would be performed at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 26.

I bought ticket worth Rp.150,000, for a seat at the far back; the position I like most to take photos. I was then ready to enjoy Miss Kadaluwarsa show, a musical drama comedy performance produced by EKI Production, directed by Rusdy Rukmarata.

Jeng Miund was right, Miss Kadaluwarsa was a good show (not because they are her friends, she said). It's quite impressive to me. My years of thirstiness of not being able to see such a performance had been satisfied by Miss Kadaluwarsa.

Miss Kadaluwarsa story connected ancient love story of Sampek - Engtay with today's realities, faced by many individuals, especially women, and their families. Women, when they have passed the 30 years of age and not married yet, are perceived by some people as kadaluwarsa (expired).

Miss Kadaluwarsa is about an inner world journey of a successfull career woman to find her true identity and to finally understand and accept the bitter realities of what love could be.

Every individual on that day played exceptionally well on stage, they really did. The dialogues ran smoothly and flawlessly, with excellent stage blockings. They've surely worked very hard to achieve that level of perfection. Congratulations!

The dances were definitely one of the strengths of the show; lively, energetic, flirtatious, and very entertaining. Rudy Wowor and Rusdy had showed their qualities as senior choreographers. The dancers certainly deserved compliments as well. Two thumbs up.

Music and sound of Miss Kadaluwarsa was another crucial factor for the successful show. Oni, composer and arranger, had done quite well with the support of the band members (Bambang, Yusuf, Tonny, Hanny and Gerry). The sound engineers have done their job as well. There was no a single disruption during the show.

Stage properties and placements, costumes and lightings were superb. A rooster that cackled lively during the show had freshened the environment.

Here are some selected photos of the Miss Kadaluwarsa show, taken with Canon EOS 400D, with Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 EX DC wide angle lens, and Canon EF 70-200 mm f/4L USM tele lens, at low speed, ISO 1600, and no flash.

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Playhouse), taken on early morning.

The Band, headed by Oni Krisnerwinto, were playing music, high above the stage, when we entered to auditorium.

The show started with a group of people entering the room carrying Sampek remains in an ancient Chinese tradition way to burry it. Couldn't stand living alone, Engtay jumped into Sampek grave. They were united.

The priest (played by Wen Pin)and his assistant (Hendra M.) were speaking Chinese along the way with funny pronounciation that produced a fresh and entertaining atmosphere.

It's Kupu-Kupu (Butterfly) dance, performed attractively by Angel, Chitra, Indah, Yuli, Limawan, Siswanto, Gede, Triwiyono, Hendy and Yosep.

God says that it's better to kill a cousin rather than a butterfly, since butterfly symbolizes love. You can't kill love.

God then assigned Sampek (Tan Kok Siong) and Engtay (Lilies) to re-born as Loro and Blonyo pair sculptures, believed by Janavese as symbol of an eternal husband and wife relationship, to convince modern people about the power of love.

They were both surprised wearing the Javanese outfit, argued about the existance of love, and Sampek offered a proof through children lives.

The little girl asked why her name was Narsih, while her friends who made fun of her, used name such as Ronny, Johny, Denny, etc.

Sampek and Engtay eventually became sculptures at Paduko family's home.
Bu Duk (Netta Kesumah Dewi) desperately wanted her eldest daughter to marry Fauzy (Uli Herdinansyah), a rich gynecologist, who's a true women lover. While Romo Paduko (Sukirno) opposed the idea.

Narcissi (Takako Leena0 is a perfectionist, who wanted to see everything in order. Whilst she is very successful, she feels that it doesn't mean a thing to her mother until she marries Fauzi. She's also struggles with Shiva (Aida Nurmala), her friend and enemy, who still considers her as country bumpkin.

Netta played quite well, in a way that could make me think a thousand times to have a wife like her. She's demanding, greedy, fussy, but hell she's beautiful.

Takako Leen who played Narcissi or Narsih, was definitely a star. I liked her low and short expressions. It's pretty cool, calm and soothing.

Ibu Duko was looking for an ideal son-in-law, that she thought was Fauzy, who's smart and rich. Whilst her husband was only a school keeper.

A skecth of a clinic life.

An unmarried pregnant girl (Veronica Salim) sought help from Fauzy, said that she didn't want to keep the baby, as it would ruin her career life. There was actually an entertaining dialogue between the girl and a pregnant nurse (Helen Irawati), Fauzy's assistant.

The girl found herself fell into Fauzy's charm, and having sex with him.

A dialogue between Fauzy and Narcissi. Narcissi said that every woman has a biologycal clock that man should understand, but Fauzy didn't want to marry her. He belongs to every woman.

Sampek and Engtay at Shiva's father graveyard.

Shiva, played expressively by Aida Nurmala, had a self-dialogue with her dead father, who inherited her with big house and plenty of wealthiness, but not love and honesty. A typical hollow relationship in a modern life.

Sita of RDS (Rida-Sita-Dewi) sang Oh Daddy o, composed by Oni, telling a sad story of daddy who finally knew what he missed only when h's already in the grave, whilst his babies were still chasing him for more money.

Shiva lured Fauzy with her big house, for Fauzy to use it for his private practice as gynecologist, and offered him the best sex he could get.

Engtay was very angry knowing what Fauzy and Shiva had done.

A heart to heart dialogue between friend and foe. Narcissi knows that Fauzy lived and had sex with Shiva and asks for an explanation. Shiva replies that Narcissi should be happy instead, since she could know then what kind of a man Fauzy is. Shiva barks that Narcissi actually only loves the image that she herself created .

Narcissi finaly found herself alone, after breaking the relationship with Fauzy, only accompanied by TV, everybody's perfect lover.

There's was an epsiode when Narcissi was frustrated and had a thought to end her miserable life with a rope.

In the critical moments, Romo Duko appeared, saved his daughter and give her peace in heart and mind.
Narcissi finally found her self-identity, and was comfortable to be called Narsih by her father.

Sampek and Engtay were very relief with the happy ending.

Sita and Rusdy Rumarata walked in, flanked by all performers of the Miss Kadaluwarsa show.

And the final curtain falls. Even though there was no standing ovation, it's easy for me to give Miss Kadaluwarsa 4.8 points out of 5.
It was almost 5 p.m. when the show ended. I left the GKJ building, breathed again Jakarta's poluted air, entered my car, and drove back to the normal life. Life that accomodates everything, good to bad, hell to heaven. All is there.

We then just need to face it, accept it and live with it. Let others say what they want, it's your life, it's my life. Draw the lines, enjoy life as it is, continuously work for what is possible, and move on.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: May 27, 2007.

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