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I have made a minor change in the Welcome to the Project section by adding a small photo. It looked quite simple, but it's not for a blogger who is not expert in html like me. I've tried to place the photo from Flickr into the section, but the format looked weird. Finally, I looked for an answer with Google, and I found it, as usual.

By using key words beta blogger photo position I found at least two interesting posts about photo manipulation in Beta Blogger. The first one is Testing Blogger Beta, and the other one is WriteToMyBlog. I tried the latter one, and I found it quite easy and useful tool.

WriteToMyBlog tagline is Free Web Word Processor for your Blog. What I did with the tool was as follow:
  1. click at WriteToMyBlog home page to access the web word processor,

  2. write, or copy and paste the text in the content area

  3. click the Flickr Photos tab,

  4. enter my Flickr username,

  5. click search icon,

  6. click the selected photo,

  7. click Insert Photo.

To manipulate photo,
  1. click the photo,

  2. then click Insert/edit image icon below YouTube Videos tab,

  3. click Appearance tab,

  4. on Alignment select left,

  5. change Dimensions if necessary,

  6. on the Horizontal space I put 3, or you can use a bigger number.

  7. Click Update when we have finished making changes.

  8. Click Text/HTML tab to copy the code and paste it in the widget template at beta blogger, or you can publish from the site.

Next, I'd probably try to insert YouTube in my posting. Have fun.

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