Samsung New-HD for iPod

For those who are planning to buy a new or another iPod from Apple, but want to have the highest possible storage capacity, you may want to wait for a while. Especially if you think that the current high-end model with 80 GB Hard Drive capacity is not sufficient.

I read at MacRumors that Samsung has recently announced the availability of a 120 GB 1.8" Hard Drive, suitable for use in Apple's full-sized iPods.

Other manufacturer, i.e. Seagate also offers a 120 GB 1.8" Hard Drive, whilst Toshiba offers 100 GB 1.8" HD. With significantly higher HD capacity, we won't need to worry whether we'll have enough capacity to store thousands of favorites songs, photos and videos collections in our iPod.

Recently there were rumors that Apple might use flash based storage to replace the hard drive. The price will still be expensive though. Let's wait for a month or two then.

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