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How to withdraw Mandiri cash without a card at an ATM

The information on How to Withdraw Mandiri Cash Without a Card at an ATM can be useful if one day we forget to bring wallet or forget to carry an ATM card that should be in our pocket, but we are in need of cash to buy food or goods.

Now there are already several more choices for making payments or sending money. In the past there were only option of using cash in your wallet or debit card and credit card, now there are digital wallets to make payments at the mall or at a dining place. Still, cash is sometimes needed.

The first popular digital wallet is GoPay, which is connected to GoJek application. Soon other digital wallets emerged, such as OVO, Dana, GrabPay, and LinkAja, each of which are connected to certain payment services, generally to buy food, watch movies, pay motorbike taxis and online taxis or plane and hotel tickets, and shopping.

how to withdraw mandiri cash without a card at an atm

Well, how to withdraw Mandiri cash without a card at an ATM is to use LinkAja application. The LinkAja application merged Mandiri e-Cash, BNI UnikQu, BRI Tbank, Telkomsel T-cash and Telkom t-money. With LinkAja, government's bank customers can withdraw cash at an ATM without an ATM card.

For Bank Mandiri customers, the cash withdrawal can be done at all Mandiri ATMs so that it will be very easy for the customers wherever they are. Bank BTN customers can only withdraw at BTN ATM Headquarters, BNI Bank customers at all BNI ATMs, and BRI customers at ATMs with a Link sign (ATM Merah Putih).

To withdraw Mandiri cash without an ATM card:

  1. Download LinkAja app in Google Play.
  2. Follow the instructions and fill in the requested data, until your LinkAja account is verified and you can open the application on the main screen.

Upgrade to LinkAja full service

The only requirement for Mandiri cash withdrawals without a card is to use LinkAja full service, so follow LinkAja upgrade steps below:

  1. Prepare your ID card, open LinkAja app
  2. Click the "See All" icon at the top right, click "CashOut".
  3. Click "ATM Withdrawal".
  4. Click link to upgrade your LinkAja account to full service
  5. Follow the instructions to take photo of your ID Card and selfie photo.
  6. If the position of your ID Card photo and selfie photo are correct, click the link to send it and a notification will appear that the upgrade request is being processed.

The waiting time for activation of your LinkAja full service maybe around 10 minutes. While waiting, top up your LinkAja account using Mandiri Mobile Banking (can be via ATM as well):
  1. Login to Mandiri Online app
  2. Click "Top uP LinkAja"
  3. Choose an account (if there is more than one), enter the mobile number linked to your LinkAja, and fill in the nominal.
  4. Verify the transaction and enter MPIN
  5. It's done at mobile banking.
  6. Now, open your LinkAja application.
  7. Don't panic to see the balance is still 0.
    Click the inbox icon contains info that the top up has been received. Upon teturning to the main screen, the new cash balance will already be seen.

To withdraw Mandiri cash without ATM card

To be able to withdraw Mandiri cash without an ATM card, you must bring your cellphone while standing in front of a Mandiri ATM machine, which will be needed to open the LinkAja application to get a withdrawal code that shold be entered into the machine screen when requested.

In the LinkAja App
  1. Click "See All", click "CashOut", click "ATM Withdraw, select the nominal amount you wish to withdraw.
  2. Click "Create Withdrawal Code" at the bottom end of the screen.
    This withdrawal code is valid for 5 minutes.

At the ATM Machine
  1. Press Soft key (green button or bottom right button on the ATM screen)
  2. Choose "CashOut LinkAja"
  3. Enter your cellphone number
  4. Enter "Cash Withdrawal Code" from the LinkAja app above
  5. Wait for your money to come out. Done.

That's all the information on how to withdraw Mandiri cash without an ATM card.

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