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Budget Hotels in East Jakarta

Below is a list of several Budget Hotels in East Jakarta. The prices of the hotel rooms mentioned in the article are temporary guides because they may change at any time. Information on cheap accommodation and budget hotels in East Jakarta will be updated when new information is available.

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List of budget hotels in East Jakarta, Lower Tariff +000

Rio Hotel
Jl Otto Iskandardinata Timur II 7, Jakarta Timur. Nomor Phone 021-851 5708. Room rate Rp75, 90, 105 (fan), 140 (AC), 145, 150. Melati 1

Fatrasari Hotel
Jl Raya Bekasi KM. 19 Jakarta Timur. Phone 021-460 9350. Room rate Rp80, 100 (fan), 125 (AC), 150, 175. Melati 2

Saleh Hotel
Jl Utan Kayu 56, Jakarta Timur. Phone 021-858 3056. Rp95 (fan), 175 (AC), 185. Melati 2

List of budget hotels in East Jakarta, Medium Rates +000

Atika Hotel
Jl Raya Penggilingan 41, Jakarta Timur. Phone 021-460 3535. Rp200, 205. Melati 1

New Idola
Jl Pramuka Raya 26 Jakarta Timur. 021-850 3232, 858 0224. Rp155 (fan), 205 (AC), 235, 255, 285. Melati 2

Sukabumi Hotel
Jl Matraman Raya 136, Jakarta Timur. 021-858 0360. Rp150 (fan), 175 (AC), 195. Melati 1

List of budget hotels in East Jakarta with the highest rates +000

Aryani Suites
Jl.Duren Sawit Raya H2 No.1, Jakarta. Rp300

Favehotel PGC Cililitan
Jl. Mayjen Sutoyo No. 76, Jakarta. Rp360, 433, 590

Fiducia Hotel
Jl Otto Iskandardinata 153, Jakarta Timur. 021-858 4660-62. Rp225, 275. Melati 3

G.H. Karsa Gardini
Jl Protokol Halim Perdana Kusuma, Jakarta Timur. 021-800 4440. Rp300, 375. Melati 1

Graha Kencana BKKBN
Jl Permata 1 Halim PK, Jakarta Timur. 021-801-1884. Rp250, 302. Melati 3

Mega Bayu
Jl Otto Iskandardinata II 67c, Jakarta Timur. 021-85905654. Rp200, 225, 250, 275. Melati 1

Padepokan Pencak Silat TMII
Jl Raya Taman Mini – 1, Jakarta Timur. 021-8416011. Rp220 (2 orang), 250 (5 orang, tipe barak). Melati 1

Budget Hotels in East Jakarta

City of East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province. Official flora: Apus Bamboo. Official fauna: Srigunting crow.

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