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How to Change Thumbnail Image of Youtube Playlist

The post on How to Change Thumbnail Image of Youtube Playlist is created to record the knowledge for future reference, as memory span is very short, and not remember a thing is human nature. Regularly changing a playlist thumbnail image may be a good idea, so people do not get bored of seeing the same thumbnail, even though the number of videos is growing. [Bahasa Indonesia]

Changing thumbnails of an individual video is very easy to do, because after uploading video is completed then there area at least 3 thumbnails that can be selected from the menu, in addition to upload new photo to serve as thumbnail. But it's not so clear with playlist that almost everyone is confused on how to change the thumbnail image.

Having the option to upload photos as thumbnails on individual videos have made many videos on Youtube seem deceptive, since photos on thumbnails are often could not be found in the videos. Photos are only used to lure people to click and see the videos. It works in the short run, but sooner or later it gets annoyed viewers, and people will avoid such videos.

mengganti thumbnail playlist youtube
In Youtube playlist there is no visible menu to replace thumbnail, but that does not mean there is no way to replace it, it just seems 'hidden' somewhere. If in an individual video one can upload a photo as a thumbnail, then in a playlist you can only use thumbnail of one of the videos in the playlist.

To change thumbnail image of Youtube Playlist make sure to open the playlist first, as shown in the photo above. No video will be automatically played when opening playlists, and if there is a video playing then click on the title of the playlist to get the playlist in order to change the thumbnail.

mengganti thumbnail playlist youtube
After opening your playlist in Youtube, the next step is to hover the cursor on one of the videos in the playlist which thumbnail will be used as the playlist thumbnail. When the cursor is hovered on the video it will show vertical three small bullets on the right side of the video.

Click the three bullets and a menu will appear as shown in the photo above. To replace the Youtube Playlist thumbnail with the video thumbnail you selected, click the bottom selection, which is: 'Set as thumbnail playlist'. After the click, please check your playlist with the new thumbnail. You can replace it with another video thumbnail image in the playlist periodically by doing the same procedure.

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