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Warung Apresiasi Bulungan, South Jakarta

Wapres, or Warung Apresiasi Bulungan (Bulungan Appreciation Food Stall), is a fairly comfortable hangout where every night visitors can enjoy food with fairly cheap prices, while enjoying performance of new bands that show their abilities to play music on a semi permanent stage located in the middle of the stall.

Wapres is located on the backside of Blok M Plaza, near Bulungan Sport Building. I visited that place because Komunitas Pecinta Musik Konser Rakyat Leo Kristi (LKers) would organize ririungan (gathering) event on Sunday, February 17, 2008, the day coincides for the Lovers. Wapres was chosen as the venue for the event. Songs of Konser Rakyat Leo Kristi (literally means Leo Kristi Folk Concert), especially the love-themed ones would be played by LKers Group. But at that time LKers planned to invite Leo Kristi to sing some of his love-themed songs.

I was accompanied by Yoosca to go there and she introduced me to Nurhadi and Yoyi who run Wapres. We agreed to use the existing sound system by paying Rp.500,000 and ordering grilled chicken for Rp.12.000 per serving, as well as coffee and tea. Then there was LKers' event there.

warung apresiasi bulungan south jakarta
A woman from a media whom I have forgotten her name was interviewing Leo Kristi at one of the tables in Warung Appresiasi, just before the event on February 17th began. Sitting next to Leo was Heny, her close female friend at the time. Somewhat behind is Ari Nurtanio, an LKers living in Bandung.

On weekdays, it can be up to three bands perform every night. The bands that played on Friday night, were those which rated as good on previous days' performances. The unique thing is that each band must carry their own original song composition. This is certainly good for spurring creativity.

warung apresiasi bulungan south jakarta
The atmosphere in the middle lane of Warung Apresiasi Bulungan that faces directly towards the stage. The divider with the street was using black cloth attached to the roof. The wooden tables and chairs though small but quite sturdy as a place for eating and drinking.

Sitting at the table with LK facing to the other side is Boni Imam Hidayat, LK's older brother. Warung Appresiasi Bulungan is shaped like a letter of U, with a simple seating and decor, which could accommodate up to 100 people. A 4x4 meter sized stage is in the center of the area, complete with music equipment and sound system ready for use, except for keyboards and percussion.

warung apresiasi bulungan south jakarta
Far left on the photo above is Asep Rezza Suhendra, LKers guitarist who lives in Bogor, and next to him is the troubadour musician of Leo Imam Soekarno, aka Leo Kristi. Next to it is BA, LKers who lives in Jakarta, and then Gamawan Waloejo, LKers who lives in Bandung.

LKers took the stage with Leo, after performing separately. When performing alone Leo invited Gayatri to the stage, and Naniel Khusnul Yakin was pushed to the stage by audience to join Leo. It's an unplanned small reunion. Naniel was one of the backbone of Konser Rakyat Leo Kristi in the early days. He made a lot of notations of KRLK songs.

warung apresiasi bulungan south jakarta
LKers players and vocalists who later joined the stage were Sena Warman Reksalegora, Aries Ducat, Thanty Soemasno, Ayu Kharie, and Linda Haslinda Totot. The songs they played were Gulagalugu, Kereta Laju, Salam Dari Desa, and Lenggung-lenggung Badai Lautku, Surabaya Bernyanyi, Nyanyian Musim, and some other songs. Leo's mood was good that night.

Previous night Leo stayed at Kota Wisata, Cibubur, and played casually with LKers from around 4 pm to 10 pm, followed by a late dinner at Pondok Seafood, Cibubur. The following morning three LKers core players who also stayed at the same house got a chance to play in front of Leo Kristi and each received valuable input from him.

That night Wapres was full. Quite a lot of LKers were present. There were Kurnia Effendi and Yoosca who opened the show, and Ari Nurtanio who read short story. Sena sang Simon & Garfunkel. Henry Wijaya photographed and the results are shown in this post. Also present were Henry Ismono, Ramdan Malik, Albert Go, Totot Susanto, and many more. Also present were Sujiwo Tejo and Faisal Basri, both big fans of Leo Kristi.

Sound System of Warung Appreciation Bulungan although looked rather old, but still quite good and adequate for the size of the place. We only needed to carry amplifiers for acoustic guitars and some additional microphones, because there were many players and vocalists to play at the LKers gatherings.

Warung Apresiasi Bulungan

Address : Jl Bulungan Blok C No 1, Kramat Pela, South Jakarta. GPS Location : -6.243468, 106.796773, Waze ( smartphone Android and iOS ). Open : 19.00 - 00.00. Prices : Rp 15.000 - Rp 35.000. Reference : Map of Jakarta . Destinations Jakarta . Hotel in Jakarta Selatan.

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