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Sunan Kalijaga Mosque, Demak

Sunan Kalidjaga Mosque in Kadilangu Demak is a historic old building that was established by Sunan Kalidjaga and then underwent improvements by his offspring. The location of the mosque is situated at the east side of Sunan Kalidjaga Tomb complex. Since most pilgrims enter through the south gate, the mosque is probably often overlooked.

Kadilangu Sunan Kalidjaga Mosque was made with Joglo stylish foyer, while the roof of the main hall is in the form of limasan (pyramid shape) with traditional mustaka (cap). In general, the mosque looked smaller than Cirebon Great Mosque of Sang Ciptarasa and Demak Great Mosque, two mosques where Sunan Kalidjaga was involved in its establishments.

Access into the Demak Kadilangu Sunan Kalidjaga Mosque is through the side alley leading to the Sunan Kalidjaga Tomb, or through the front yard by stepping a few steps up. If the pilgrims come from the east side, they could take ablution in the mosque, took prayer, and then went on to the Sunan Kalidjaga tomb already in a state of holiness.

sunan kalijaga mosque kadilangu demak
Facade of the Kadilangu Sunan Kalidjaga Mosque with cupola sign of mosque's name appears on the left side, while two men were seen passing in front of the mosque courtyard installed with paving blocks already. Hallway towards Sunan Kalidjaga is spotted next to the cupola nameplate, which then met with the hall from the south.

The beautiful look of Mustaka's mosque was seen over far back there, behind the roof of the porch. The main roof of the mosque with an overlap of two pyramid shapes have sharp slopes, only that it is not visible from the front yard. Overlapping limasan is usually created as a way to provide space for air and light to enter into the main room.

sunan kalijaga mosque kadilangu demak
The porch of Kadilangu Sunan Kalidjaga Mosque, that looked beautiful with white fence notched in the middle, black pedestals, and palate decorated with repeated neat lines that made it looked pretty. This porch seems to be a new addition to the older one, while the original porch was seen back there with yellow painted wood pillars.

On left and right side of the foyer there are Bedug (mosque drum), with the left one a bit larger in size and more rounded in the middle with one bamboo kentongan on each side. This drum seems to be the genuine relic of Sunan Kalidjaga, while the body of the one at the right side is more flat with only one bamboo kentongan adjacent to it.

sunan kalijaga mosque kadilangu demak
The main hall of the Demak Kadilangu Sunan Kalidjaga Mosque looked relatively simple, with four pillars supporting the roof with black and yellow striped corners, plain with no ornamentation. Only part of imam place looked quite attractive with graceful ropes ornaments, teak pulpit with beautiful carvings, and a chandelier.

Above the main mosque door there are suluran ornaments surrounded by series of flowers, and a bowl in the middle. In the bowl there are four rectangular where two lines are connected with Arabic script. At the top and bottom of the rectangle there are plain Arabic script, and at the last line there are characters that resemble number of a year.

There is also ornament that looked like a white cupola supported by single pillar with beautiful roof and cap, and inside the cupola there is writing with irregular Arabic characters on brown background. The cupola is flanked by ornate single suluran which perfectly symmetrical in left and right, with green and white color.

It is said that The Demak Kadilangu Sunan Kalidjaga Mosques was built in 1532. It's quite a distance from the founding of the Great Mosque of Demak in 1466 AD, and Sang Ciptarasa Great Mosque of Cirebon in 1489. If it is true, then when establishing the mosque, Sunan Kalijaga has reached the age of 3 years, as he was born in 1450.

Sunan Kalijaga Mosque, Kadilangu Demak

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