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Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb, Cirebon

Sign of Cirebon Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb which is located on the roadside suddenly caught my eyes that were darting around while enjoying the smooth ride on a pedicab on the way to Kacirebonan Palace. However the Tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi was visited on our way back after visiting the Kacirebonan Palace.[ke versi : Bahasa Indonesia]

In addition to being happy to visit an old tomb, the name of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi also has an attraction. The name is familiar for ears, partly because it is the same as the name of prayer done after sunset. Maghrib often replaces the time after dusk.

Sheikh Maghribi designation is probably depicting the origin of his ancestors, namely the Maghrib, or Morocco in North Africa. The original name of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi is Maulana Malik Ibrahim, also known as Sunan Gresik, the most senior among the Wali Songo (the Nine Saint), and was among the first influential spreader of Islam in Java.

sheikh maulana maghribi tomb
From paduraksa gate at the roadside of Jl Pasunean Cirebon towards the Tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi, the pedicab I was riding kept on moving forward deeper into the alley for approximately 150 meters. After that the pedicab turned left and drove about 50 meters further and we arrived exactly at the right side of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb.

At that time there were several men who were huddled while talking on the roadside around the tomb. They were local villagers. It's just that when I asked about tomb's guard, none of them can tell the location of his house. No one could help to call or call him.

sheikh maulana maghribi tomb
The sign board of Cultural Heritage Object, protected by law, was in front of the Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb, with writing depicting year of 1465. Interestingly, other than in the city of Cirebon, the Tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi are also found in several other places, such as in Tuban and in Parangtritis area of Bantul, which is also Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb.

In Lokawisata Baturraden there is a trace of Mbah Atas Angin, another name of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi. In Wonobodro, Batang, Central Java, there is also his grave. Then there is the Tomb of Syech Maulana Maghribi in Kawedanan Comal, Pemalang. Apparently he was so famous that he's buried in many places, which are far apart from each other.

sheikh maulana maghribi tomb
This simple tomb is believed to be the Tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi in Cirebon. On the right side of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb there is another unique mini-sized tomb. Tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi is located in a small cemetary complex, among the tombs there's one that has five steps, which may represent the five pillars of Islam.

Unfortunately, the entrance to the tomb of the first layer was locked, and the key keeper did not come to the location until I left the area of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb. On the wall of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb which was painted in red sticked a number of ceramics. A feature that characterizes many old buildings in the city of Cirebon.

sheikh maulana maghribi tombSecond tier entrance into the Tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi is low, which seems to be intended as a reminder that when visiting this tomb, the pilgrim must behave humbly. Just like when I was about to enter the main hall at Cirebon Great Mosque of Sang Cipta Rasa and hos to bow in order to pass the low entrance.

With so many places that are recognized as the Tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi, of course, there only one that is right, and the rest seems to be remnants of him, or the place where the sheik had ever stopped by. It seems that the actual tomb is in Maulana Malik Ibrahim Tomb in Gresik, which I visited a few months later.

Another explanation is that there were more than one Sheikh Maulana Maghribi. Anyway a tomb is simply a marker for living people to pay a visit, and as a place for the dead to be laid which later would became just dust. So it is fine that there are so many tombs for Sheikh Maulana Maghribi whose services were so great in the development of Islam in Java.

Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb

Address : Jl. Astanagarib, Cirebon Kota. GPS : -6.7228, 108.5652, Waze ( smartphone Android and iOS ). Open : contact the guard. Entrance ticekt : donation is expected. Reference : Destinations in Cirebon, Map of Cirebon, Hotel in Cirebon.

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