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Sarinah, Central Jakarta

Sarinah Jakarta is the historic name given by President Soekarno for the first tall and modern shopping centers building ever established in Indonesia. It is located at Jl. M. H. Thamrin 11, Central Jakarta.

The name was taken from the name of mBok Sarinah, caregiver of young Soekarno recognized to have been taking part in educating him, and helping her mother and father to ease their jobs. Sarinah later became a symbol for the life and struggle of ordinary people in Indonesia.

Construction of Sarinah building began on April 23, 1963 with the use of Japanese government war reparation funds. Sarinah building construction designer is Ir Roosseno, known as the 'Father of Concrete Indonesia'.

Although sparked controversy and criticism from political opponents, but Soekarno still continue building the first mall which was inaugurated on August 15, 1966. Soekarno's aim is to make the Sarinah shopping center be able to meet people's needs for cheap goods with good quality, being a stabilizing economy factor and pioneer the development of retail trade. Indonesia's economic condition was very bad indeed when the building was inaugurated.

Sarinah experienced ups and downs in the course of its business. Sarinah building was on fire in on July 18, 1980 which destroyed the fourth floor with no items can be saved. The bridge that connects Jakarta Sarinah Building Building Theater collapsed. Sarinah was again on fire on 13 November 1984, causing losses of billions of rupiah.

Sarinah's name became popular again after on February 1991 the famous McDonald restaurant rented the ground floor at the front side facing Jalan Thamrin. A year later Hard Rock Café also rented the 2nd floor of the building before later moving to another place.

The first floor of Sarinah Building sells a lot of imported goods of various brands. Nevertheless on the upper floors visitors can still find a wide variety of hand-crafted objects coming from various parts of the country with good quality, although the price is not that cheap.


Address: Jl. M. H. Thamrin No.11, Central Jakarta. GPS Location: -6.187643, 106.823397, Waze. Telp. 021-31923008, Fax 021-319318353. Map of Jakarta . Destinations in Jakarta . Hotel in Central Jakarta.

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