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Mount Pancar Hot Springs, Bogor

Have had a long time wish to visit Air Pancar Gunung Pancar (Mount Pancar Hot Spring), just a few weeks ago the wish was finally fulfilled, accompanied by Wied who was in school holiday. Air Panas Gunung Pancar is located in the village of Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang sub-District, Bogor, passing Sentul City area and Natural Park of Mount Pancar.

After leaving Klender we entered Prumpung tol gate, then straight to Jagorawi Toll Road. Usually I get in from Bintara tollgate, which I avoided that day because it's often crowded before the intersection to Cikampek toll road. I did a double-check Air Panas Gunung Pancar location by plotting GPS data on Google Map that gave confirmation we should take exit Sentul City. I turned on GPS Navigation equipment. Information about Air Panas Gunung Pancar was available there, even though its software had not been updated for more than four years. After paying ticket at exit gate Sentul City, we turn left at the T-junction to enter area of Sentul City. To the right would go to Bogor Outer Ring Road towards Kedung Halang.

After 8 km in Sentul City area, we arrived at a roundabout and took left. Approximately 600 m afterwards we turned right (if straight would be to The Jungle Land) and entered into Jl Babakan Madang. At a point, the GPS asked me to turn right. But after seeing the unpaved road, and learnt foolishness of the tool when I went to White crater, I stopped to get direction. Sure enough, the turn was still a few more meters away where there's a signboard towards Air Panas Gunung Pancar. After taking the right turn, we followed the road which condition was relatively good, then began ascending, and a bit winding. Not long afterwards we arrived at the gate of Gunung Pancar Natural Park, with views of shady pine forest.

mount pancar hots prings bogor
We stopped for a few minutes in front of the gates of the Natural Park of Mount Pancar. At the gate tourists pay Rp. 2,000 per person, foreign tourists pay Rp. 15,000, two-wheeled vehicles Rp. 1,000, car Rp. 1,500 and bus or truck Rp. 2,500. On the right there's a track to enter the pine forest. It seems cool if I could walk through the pine forest. In addition to pine, in the protected areas and nature conservation which was managed by PT. Travel Wana Indah there were banyan tree, Jamuju, Puspa, Rasamala, and Saninten. Here also live fowls and birds, such as Red Forest Chicken, Eagles, Hornbills, Starling, Kutilang, and Srigunting. Other animals are Boar, Jelarang, Monkey, Gibbons, and Surili.

After passing through the pine forest, we finally arrived at the gate of Air Panas Gunung Pancar. At the ticket booth visitors pay Rp. 10,000 per person, children Rp. 3,000, car Rp. 4,000, and motorcycles Rp. 2,000. A moment later we arrived at the parking lot area, with a sloping surface. We saw row of simple stalls on the right of the parking area. We got off from car and walked to the hot spring. There were several fruit sellers, food stalls and gift shops, indicating there were sufficient visitors at Air Panas Gunung Pancar to fuel the businesses. Jackfruit teased me. For those who love jackfruit, there are several simple kiosks in the city of Bogor that sell super quality grade of jackfruit. The downhill path we passed was shaded by fairly dense cluster of bamboo trees. The path was not that long, and before getting tired we had arrived at the pool of Air Panas Gunung Pancar, where there were soaking tubs in closed rooms and an open air pool of hot water. For those who want to take rest, there were simple huts for rent at Rp. 10,000 per hour.

mount pancar hots prings bogor
Indoor soaking room of Air Panas Gunung Pancar located at the right building with service rate of Rp. 15,000 for 30 minutes. Couple can go in together, as long as they bring kid. Open hot soaking pool for men is on the left. Open hot soaking pool for women is on the left side of the one for man. There's no additional to charge to use the open pool.

Private soaking rooms at Air Panas Gunung Pancar Bogor were all equipped with relatively good porcelain bathtub and ceramic tiles. Hot water was very abundant here, so that visitors could always get new hot water when bathing. Only that the soaking room wall had already been in need of repair and maintenance to get good impression to visitors. For some reasons we finally we decided to use the open soaking pool for men, which hot water looked clean and the pool was still in pretty good condition. Because I did not bring pants for soaking, I bought one in a small shop located just a few meters from the open pool. The price tag was at about Rp. 15,000 a piece. There were locker rooms there.

mount pancar hots prings bogor
The outdoor pool of Air Panas Gunung Pancar reserved for men only. The tap that brought non-stop hot water into the pool was located on the right side. The water was really hot when I first dipped my feet and made me pull them out immediately. The closer to the tap, the hotter the water. So I moved to the far left, away from the tap.

After several times dipping and lifting my feet, I then could soak my body up to the neck and dipped my head into the water. Air Panas Gunung Pancar does not contain sulfuric substance, but it rich in minerals. I had a small talk with two visitors from Bekasi who often come here because they felt the benefits, such as body aches disappeared after soaking.

mount pancar hots prings bogor
Air Panas Gunung Pancar apparently had been opened since around 1987, built on a land purchased by Suratman, and so it's a private property. Although at this location the Air Panas Gunung Pancar contains no more sulfuric substance, but in front of the private soaking rooms there were packs of sulfuric powder that can be poured into the tubs.

In addition to the places we visited, there's Giri Tirta Hot Spring facility located nearby. Because of small talks with the guard of soaking pool, we did not immediately leave the area Air Panas Gunung Pancar, but we drove again headed to Kawah Merah and Kawah Hitam, which were the upstream of the hot water in this place, and they still contain sulfur.

Bogor Mount Pancar Hotsprings

Address : Karang Tengah Village, Babakan Madang Sub-District, Bogor Regency. Reference : Tourist Destinations in Bogor . Bogor Tourism Map . Hotel in Bogor

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