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Kartini Beach, Jepara

Starting the day, after taking a brief breakfast, we headed to Jepara Kartini Beach to enjoy morning panorama and whatever was available there. Kasmudi, driver of Jepara Budi Rentcar 0858 6572 5176, initially suggested to go elsewhere, but I did not want to see pale beach sky due to visiting the beach when the sun is already high.

It was also the first morning on my first visit to the city of Jepara, after having a long desire to come to the city that is famous for its high quality taste of wood carving. Jepara is also the birthplace of R.A. Kartini, a national hero pioneering revival of indigenous woman, whose name is used by this coastal tourist area.

Aside from being a tourist area, Jepara Kartini Beach also a popular transit target for travelers who want to cross to the legendary Karimun Island. That's why when we arrived at the beach gate, the gatekeeper asked us just to affirm that we did not make mistake, as access to the pier for crossing to Karimunjawa is at another entrance.

kartini beach jepara
The first thing that attracted our attention upon arrival in Jepara Kartini Beach was a giant turtle-shaped building with head up showing its lateral neck skin. The two-story building home of Turtle Ocean Park was inaugurated on February 22, 2011, with a marine park containing many species of fish and turtles, a Mini Theater and Touch Pond.

At the far end, right behind the large tall tree, is the shoreline with at least three large pavilions which connected each other by road bridge over the sea. On the right side was already seen the bustle of the shop owners preparing main menu of food they offer. There was also seductive young coconut piles out there.

kartini beach jepara
Standing large white letters of Kartini Beach became one of the icons at the beach, which unfortunately had no gently sloping area. Instead there were concrete dikes with protective fence extending neatly to protect visitors from falling into the sea water. Wide pedestrian pathway with neat paving blocks were available along the sea shores.

To get to the huge letter we passed children's play ground, with a number of mini-cars, three-wheeled mini Vespa, mini motorcycles, all of which were electric powered, as well as kick scooters. There were also children slides and a number of other games. We also saw mini train, but everything was still idle. Only cleaners were sweeping the area.

kartini beach jepara
Jepara Kartini Beach was seen from the concrete pier where small boats can be hired by visitors who want to visit Pulau Panjang (Panjang/Long Island). Whole building of Turtle Ocean Park looks was seen at the other end, with two of the three pavilions behind the facility. Sea surface looked very calm and tame at the time.

Leaning on the beach guardrail there a man who I thought was fishing. Apparently not. He was certainly looking for fish, but by shooting a nail using rifle. Although it's not easy to shoot fish because water density deflecting the direction, but he already acquired a number of fish. Only that I did not have patience to wait him shooting the fish.

kartini beach jepara
A number of spots at Jepara Kartini Beach that might be interesting, but I had no chance to visit were Encik Lanang Tomb, Giant Chess, and Air Force Aircraft. I might see Kecek Pond when heading to the pier, while Kartini Monument was seen later in the form of RA Kartini statue with bun hair and beatiful ornaments on her neck.

Not so far as Karimun Island, the Long Island (Pulau Panjang) is veru near and visible because it is very close to Jepara Kartini Beach. On weekends and national holidays visitors need only pay Rp.10,000 to cross calm see to get there. In other days boats need to be rented, and that's what we did, after seeing the calm sea, and the short distance.

Jepara Kartini Beach

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