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Gallery of F. Widayanto, South Jakarta

It was a friend who gave me information and then suggested me to visit Galeri F. Widayanto Jakarta at Jl. Setiabudi II no. 11 which was then exhibiting Widayanto's work entitled "China Dream". I followed her advice, and that's how I got to know his famous masterpiece.

F. Widayanto has succeeded in establishing his own name with his astonishing creativity on clay and ceramics. It is not difficult to find location of the gallery, although I needed to ask direction when it was already on Jl. Setiabudi. Upon entering the spacious and comfortable gallery, immediately I saw previous works of Widayanto.

There are porcelain statue of Semar figures with a variety of styles and ornaments that received a very good reception from the collectors of art objects. There are also other sculptures, as well as various small-sized ceramic collections for gifts and souvenirs, home interior decorating tiles, and nicely laid out ceramic bathroom fixtures.

f widayanto gallery jakarta
Three pairs of fascinating statues from collection of China Dream in Gallery F. Widayanto Jakarta where facial expressions, makeup hair, clothes and ornaments are typical oriental style. These sculptures appear to be done carefully by skilled hands, either face lines, clothes, or color combinations that produce interesting and beautiful details.

The China Dream collections were displayed in glass-walled room adjacent to main hall, overlooking a beautiful shady green garden in the center of the gallery's home. In addition to China Dream's collection, there are also several sculptures and other works are on display in the three-story gallery.

f widayanto gallery jakartaChina Dream ceramic couples were placed on wall cabinets at Gallery F. Widayanto Jakarta, with various expressions, body gestures, and clothing ornaments, as well as enriched with other supporting accessories. The atmosphere inside the showroom was arguably very comfortable, and was styled artistically and very well.

There were works of ceramic collections called "Peaceful", which can give suggestions to buyers to keep peace at home or place where the statue will be on display. In the woman cloths there are butterfly ornaments, while in men's cloth there are turtles symbols of longevity.

f widayanto gallery jakarta
A pair of statue collection of China Dream in Gallery F. Widayanto with beautiful detail ornaments of clothing. To help collectors who intend to buy the collection, sold-out ceramics were marked with butterfly ornaments. The sold ceramics will only be delivered after the exhibition has been ended.

Two ceramic sculptures showing off athletic line of an athletic body were on display at the side of the stairs leading to gallery's top floor. F. Widayanto has held more than ten solo exhibitions, such as Wadah Air (water jug, 1987), Loro Blonyo and Topeng (1990), Ganesha-Ganeshi (1993), and Ukelan (Javanese women's hairstyle 1995).

f widayanto gallery jakarta
Two ceramic statues taken from "Semarak 30 Semar" collection were displayed in the main room. Semar is a wise and very powerful figure in Javanese puppet mythology with a distinctive body shape and expression, which everyone likes. He is the human being form of Sang Hyang Ismaya, who is the brother of Bathara Guru, the king of all the Gods.

If the ceramic sculpture in the photo above illustrates Semar's face with a dreamy expression, there also a sculpture of Semar's in other Widayanto collections was made in a position on his back and titled "Lotus Fall". It's just that the look of Semar's face is like being stylish, not the expression of shock or hassle from a falling fat man.

Other single exhibitions of F. Widayanto were Golekan (Wooden puppets Java, 1997), Mother and Child and Kendi-Kendi (2000), Ceramic Inspiration (2001), Dewi Sri (goddess of rice, 2003), Narcissus (2007), Semarak 30 Semar (2009), and China Dream (2010). F. Widayanto was born in Jakarta in 1953, finished college in 1981 in the Ceramics Division of Faculty of Art and Design ITB.

F. Widayanto's Gallery Jakarta

Address : Jl. Setiabudi II no. 11, South Jakarta, Telp (021) 526 2309, 522 3547. GPS Location : -6.209306, 106.825374, Waze ( smartphone Android dan iOS ). Reference : Map of Jakarta, Destinations in Jakarta, Hotel in South Jakarta.

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