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Culinary of Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa, Central Jakarta

I have been enjoying Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa Culinary since it was still spreading along pedestrian lane and in the mosque's yard, until it was later "tidied up" by Jokowi by giving a number of free food carts to traders with funds derived from CSR of Bank DKI.

Most often it was after Friday prayers at Sunda Kelapa Great Mosque, and then afterwards walked to the front yard, looking left and right at the stalls before taking seat at a stall after deciding on the food and drink to be ordered.

On another occasion was attending a Sunday morning observation at Sunda Kelapa Great Mosque, after a visit toSurapati Park or Situ Lembang Park, or just happened to be passing nearby and then stopped by for a meal and a drink in the street culinary of the grand mosque.

This is a simple culinary atmosphere in the yard of Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque on a weekend afternoon some time ago, with colorful umbrellas for shading visitor who were sitting on wooden benches. Others sat sheltering in the shade of trees. The food stalls with the logo of Bank DKI were still quite neat.

It was unclear if anyone has briefed the food sellers, so they always set aside part of the profit to care for the stalls to stay in good shape, or they can replace them with a new one using their own money when needed. Any businesses if do not save money, now or later, to be used for repairing, improving and developing the business, will almost certainly have problems, sooner or later.

There are many local food options that can be enjoyed in the culinary of Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque. What I often eat was sate padang, soto padang, chicken or goat satay with tongseng, chicken soup, and soto betawi.

Another option is lontong fern curry, fried rice, ketoprak, chicken noodles, kebabs, meatball noodles, soup noodles, or additional foods such as tofu gejrot, dim sum, siomay, and some more home-cooked food in the only shop on the right location.

For drinks, my choice is usually between a bottle of tea or coconut ice. The latter is really a young coconut ice with pieces of abundant young coconut meat in a large drinking glass.

If you do not know what to eat, the easiest way is to look at the most crowded stall or the seller is busy preparing food and try to order food there. That way you will most likely not to be disappointed, both in taste and in price.

Es doger is also a favorite in the culinary of Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque although the bright color of drink is rather creepy. In addition there is a fruit soup and a wide selection of juices. Rujak buah is also a good choice for dessert.

Culinary of Sunda Kelapa Great Mosque still needs better arrangement to look more neat, clean, and comfortable for visitors. The awareness and discipline of traders should always be implanted and reminded to them, so that the culinary of Sunda Kelapa Great Mosque is getting better and better. Not the opposite path.

Culinary of Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque

Address : Jalan Taman Sunda Kelapa Nomor 16, Menteng, Central Jakarta. GPS Location : -6.2018561, 106.8323797, Waze ( smartphone Android dan iOS ). Reference : Map of Jakarta . Tourist Destination in Jakarta . Hotel di Central Jakarta.

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