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Budget Hotels in South Jakarta

Below is a list of Budget Hotels in South Jakarta. The prices of Budget Hotels in South Jakarta mentioned, if any, should only be used as a temporary guide because prices may change at any time. Information of Budget Hotels in South Jakarta will be updated when new information is available.

Many, if not most, of budget hotels are usually not registered in online booking websites. While facilities are usually very limited, without or with simple breakfast, but such hotels are definitely preferred for common travelers who just need a simple room to sleep for a night or two. It's for those who spend most of the time outside hotel, exploring various interesting places around the city.

As using telephone to book a room is no longer common practice, unless to book for a large group of people, sooner or later these hotels will join the crowd and rely more on online guaranteed booking rather than using traditional way of doing business.

Budget Hotels in South Jakarta

Graha Wisata Ragunan »
Kompl. GOR Ragunan, South Jakarta. Reservation 021-780 6540. Harga kamar Rp. 110 (AC, 2 orang), 132 (AC, 6 orang).

Kamar Backpackers »
Jalan RS Fatmawati No. 37 K South Jakarta, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Rp. 135

Maven Buncit »
Jl. Kemang Timur 5 no.23, Mampang, Jakarta. Rp. 274, 310, 512, 650

Penginapan Cipulir »
Jl Cileduk Raya 59 Cipulir, South Jakarta. Phone 021-723 4616. Rp.180, 210.

Pondok Labu Residence »
Jl. Haji Ipin No. 9 Pondok Labu, Cilandak, Jakarta. Rp. 330, 380

The Home Tebet »
Jl. D1 No. 30 Gudang Peluru, Tebet, South Jakarta. Rp. 300, 325

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