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Bidadari Falls, Sentul Paradise Park

On a Saturday morning, accompanied by Wid, we were in a car cruising Jagorawi Toll Road from Jakarta towards Bidadari Falls, located at Sentul Paradise Park. While the name of waterfall is in Bahasa Indonesia, but the site's name is in English. To be consistent, either name it Angel Falls or just change the site's name to Taman Nirwana Sentul.

The waterfall was previously known as Curug Bojongkoneng, name of the village. It's actually sound more exotic and unique compared to "bidadari". But hey, it's not my business after all. After leaving Sentul City (Sentul Selatan) toll gate, we turned left at the three-way junction. After 2.3 km from the junction we followed road branch down to the left. At the following three-way junction we turned right towards a short underpass. The road was smooth, wide, and flat. At the end of the road we turned left. There's a sign to Telaga Cikeas to the right. The road then started to slightly uphill and winding, but still smooth. We passed a group of bicyclers who pedaled hard to pass the elevated road.

Approximately 7.5 km from the last three-way junction, we arrived at another three-way junction where another group of bicyclers were taking rest. We turned right. To the left would directly be headed to Sentul City. Even though smooth, but the road was narrow and very steep, and hence we didn't use it when going back to Jakarta after visiting Curug Bidadari. About 600 meters afterwards, sign of Sentul Paradise Park was seen, and we turned left entering a bit rocky downhills after paying small unofficial entrance fee to village boys. The rough road was about 1.8 km long, with a very sharp downhill turn almost at the end of the path, ended at a vast parking lot with a beautiful view towards Curug Bidadari.

bidadari falls sentul paradise park
Curug Bidadari was seen from edge of the open parking lot of Sentul Paradise Park. It's fun and convenience since Curug Bidadari is located very near to the parking lot, and area around the waterfall could be clearly seen from above. Before the park was opened a few years back, people should walk around 2 km from Cibimbim Village to get to the waterfall.

A moment later we started walking downhill passing tens of wide stone steps ended in an area near row of simple food stalls. We stopped at one of the food stalls. No heavy meals were served yet, and hence we ordered meat balls and local soft drinks. Not very special. There's also a rather fine restaurant of the left side with a good view towards valleys. Across the food stalls there's a small kiosk selling widely popular Sumedang's Fried Tofu, adjacent to a Durian's Ice Cream seller. Before leaving the waterfall we stopped at the kiosk and bought about ten pieces of the tofu, which we regretted later as they were so delicious. We should have bought a big basket of the tofu if we knew the taste earlier.

bidadari falls sentul paradise park
A huge rock was torn in the middle to create a shortcut to get to a modified natural pool at the base of the waterfall of Curug Bidadari Sentul Paradise Park. The mountain wind blew rather soft and hence mist from the 75 meters tall waterfall did not travel too far. An yet I still needed to be very cautious to protect camera from becoming wet.

Just a few moments after arriving at the poolside of the falls, therefore, I immediately slipped down a few steps on the left side, and hid behind a huge rock to cover my camera from the wild water mist. From that position I took pictures of Curug Bidadari waterfall, and once in while I climbed to the top of the stairs when water mist subsided. Right before the waterfalls there's a big shallow pool where kids could ride on water-bikes, swim, or just play in the water. On the left side of the big pool there were public seats covered by big umbrellas for parents could sit while watching their kids. There's also a small fish therapy pool which cost Rp 20,000 per 30 minutes of service.

bidadari falls sentul paradise park
Wid was seen stood still with background of huge pours of waterfall of the beautiful Curug Bidadari at Sentul Paradise Park compound. Several young visitors who were standing inside the pool area of the falls looked very excited playing around with the abundant water flow, and making noises when photographed by a friend from pool's side.

Pool of the waterfall was apparently made shallow, probably by dumping concrete into the pool, and hence become safe for visitors who want to enjoy rare sensation when waterfall on their backs and extremities. After enjoying the scene for several minutes, we left the pool's area of Curug Bidadari to explore facilities around Sentul Paradise Park complex.

bidadari falls sentul paradise park
At far end of the big public pool there's a curved waterslide, and adjacent to it was seen another food court facility which include toilet. The place was not crowded yet, even though it passed 10 am already. At right side of the waterslide, along the slope, there were rows of "saung" (Sundanese hut) which could be rented for Rp 50,000 per saung per 2 hours.

Behind the food court there's river flowing from Curug Bidadari. According to a banana seller at the compound, the river was the headwaters of Cikeas River. We then headed to the parking lot after buying bananas, and ready for leaving Curug Bidadari Sentul Paradise Park, when a group of youngsters arrived. We might arrive too early when others were still on the way.

Curug Bidadari Sentul Paradise Park

Sentul Paradise Park, Bojongkoneng Village, Babakan Madang Subdistrict, Bogor. Telp 021-87960742. GPS: -6.6142692, 106.9087824. Open 07.30 - 17.00. Ticket Monday - Friday Rp 20,000. Saturday, Sunday, Holiday Rp 25,000. Special day Rp 30,000. Car Rp 10,000, Motorcycle Rp 5,000

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: October 16, 2017.

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