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Sparks of Aroengbinang's Mind

It's probably good to collect scattered mind sparks that I've written on Twitter and Facebook in a single post, more as a personal reference. The mind's sparks, while using word of "you" and the like, are often not meant for others but more towards myself.

But because words sometime choose their own targets, like every bullet that comes out of a factory that is said to have been written with name of its would be victim, they are those who feel exposed by the words and of course some are not. The thoughts came up with a variety of triggers, though sometimes it just happened out of nowhere.

Though it is titled Aroengbinang's Mind Sparks, it is not necessary to mention that not all the splats were original out from my mind so I do not want to claim it as the sole owner. Each letter is already available on keyboards, every word has been there long before, so even though we feel finding sequence of words but it does not always mean that we are the owner.

Mind's Sparks

The best package of prayers to the ancestors, to those who gave you favors, and to those you've done wrong, are your good deeds to nature and life in it.

A good person is different from the ordinary because he is doing more noble than he rightly should.

There will be time gratitude gets its meaning when awakened and breathe is still there with you. And, the best way in expressing gratitude is a doing good deed, by upholding and glorifying humanity.

Get rid of seeds of illness while its grip is still weak. Break the food's supply cord.

Those who leave let them be in their tranquility. Lighten steps by releasing them from your mind.

At one time your most useful ability is emptying, for without it there is nothing you can fill in your heart and mind.

When helping you deposit savings, when being helped you withdraw savings, though they are often not happening in the same bank. Deposit as much, and withdraw as necessary, then your heart is rich.

Rich is when you can keep expenses always smaller than your earnings.

The understanding one does not necessarily agree with you, but he seeks to understand by looking at your point of view, then help you see from another point of view, when you're ready.

Share happiness and keep miseries are very ordinary. Share happiness and miseries are ordinary. Keep happiness and sorrows are noble.

Rather than thinking of weaknesses, use your time to improve strengths so that you may achieve the best in life.

As good as in hiding your shortcomings, it's also good not to show off your strengths.

Better hold back bullyrag and thank in silent to those who are in troubles, as they are reminders for you not to be stumbled.

Lying for good often only delays problems, sometimes with far more severe consequences.

To succumb for good is victory. Although there are no trophies and flattering words, but universe is not blind.

You are what you believe, which is partly visible to the world through what you write, say and do, as there are always things you keep secretly for yourself.

There are times when times are wasted, there are ones you liven them up. Because flat life is death.

No matter how bad your yesterday was, your today begins with a clean white sheet.

Your blinding fear of hell, and your lust to pursue heavenly angels could make you forget humanity and guidance of goodness.

When praying for the beloved ones you realize that some of the gifts in your life were there because of prayers of the ones who love you.

If you believe in your religion and that your flock is the best and has been perfected, better reflect on whether your character and manners are in accordance with what you believe.

Longing can be very painful, when you do not want or are unable to regain what and who had been lost from you.

Too often nosy can be because water wells of one soul is drying, or contains turbid water. Help him filling it with the clear one.

Good character is not begging, not that easy in accepting gifts, putting first the interests of others.

Truth is often mistaken, for human's truths are often relative. It doesn't matter, as long as we appreciate differences and being conscious that we are not God.

What makes people grow old is not age, but a sustained failure in managing pains of the past, sadness, and life's problems.

Humility elevates, arrogant brings down. But there is no good without bad. Be thankful not to be a bad one rather than cursing.

Some evil doers have ever been godly. Some good men have once criminals. There is always a way to turn back, there is always a road to hell.

Some want to meet but never happen. Some mule to split but always meet everywhere. Sometimes you meet once and change everything. Life.

Falling once in a while is good, often is also fine. Falling makes you resilient, supple and unbreakable, when your frequency setting of thoughts were fine.

Very funny men sometimes suffered greatly. The very wise ones are sometimes very .... (dotted). Sometimes.

You can not force a hen to lay eggs at will. Anyway what kind of eggs will come out if you do not feed them properly? So does mind.

If hundreds of failures had broken his spirit, today you can not enjoy the light of darkness.

Before praying for all of your guilt to be forgiven, first forgive everyone's mistakes to you.

When the night is no longer able to give sound sleeps then you know that your day is getting closer.

You can not keep on thinking of yourself, you can not always think of others. Sane needs balance.

Maybe you believe there is no coincidence in life. But at every turn there are many incoincidences that have preceded and many more afterwards.

A bee hit high glass wall as it was about to fly out of the house. She saw clearly the world out there. But no matter how hard she tried, she could not get past the glass. So are you. Sometimes other people see clearly how stupid the work you are doing. If only you knew there was a much better, faster, and much cheaper way to get out of your problems ...

Your problem is you are only interested so that your friends really hear and understand what you say. When your friend does the same, each of you will part with a broken heart.

When you say Lord's the Great over and over again, it is not your praise that makes Him happy, as He does not need it. Nor is it because you feel so small compared to His greatness, as it is factual. But that the words reminds you life tasks of continuing to work on the great secrets of nature to benefit humanity.

Experiments take you to a higher level, but only after many times escapes and rises from bitter failures.

Above your rights is good heart.

Knowing what you're doing futile is disappointing, but it's better than never trying.

Thorns and roses are inseparable.

Speak always with mind, your heart is weak. Speak always with heart, you mind is weak. Speak always with mind and heart, both of them are weak.

Finding scattered pearls does not necessarily make you the sole maker and owner of those pearls.

Do not surrender even though rice has become porridge, as there are always choices: buy at nearby warung, cook another one, or just enjoy the porridge.

Never say you will not come back, as it's your cursing spell to come again sometime later.

Sometimes making mistakes is a blessing on its own, so do not get too occupied with regrets.

Your children are the life and lifeless universe, they are praying for you because of goodness you sow in your short life.

If the eternal is change, then keep learning and experimenting as without it you will be dust of streets ..

Many succeeded after being supported, but after they first trying hard to help themselves & others. So, sweat.

Despair is just a sign that there was hope before. Connect again with different perspectives and approaches. Good luck.

If words are meaningless, use lips ...

Sometimes it needs (to be) a sheep to get a tiger.

Walk, as often you can stumble on something enlightened.

The act you think was better is often stupid. But that's the cost of searching. There's something to pass to level up.

There are no angels nor devils live on earth, therefore no one is always righteous and no one is always depraved.

Do not excessively love and adorn, just spare enough room to accept reality when you think he's doing something wrong.

A peaceful heart speaks little, and gently.

Do not keep sweet memories if you do not want to cry for having them someday.

Abstinence makes you focus, and therefore brings more quickly to what you want

The most beautiful peace agreement is with the past ...

The best people are able to position themselves (who I am), but sometimes it's more peaceful in heart when choosing to be humble, as no one and no body.

What you hate is not as bad as you imagined as everything always has its good side. What you love is not as good as you idolize as every thing always has its bad side. To hate and to love may scratch wound, hence it is good to always provide enough space to get out freely from both, in order to be able to think clearly and to be just.

When your emptiness is the peak fullness, the bottom of your well is no longer bounded, and your clear love is overflowing, blessing the universe ...

Sometimes, above right and wrong is virtue.

That the heart can indeed be twisted left and right. Persistence, therefore, is a good luck.

If it's difficult to manage your past and future, just focus manage your day and in time your two problems will be solved by themselves.

Love is vanished with disappearance of shadowy lust and romance, which you created yourself.

The reason you have lived all this time will abandoned at its attainment, and new reason will come say come by.

To get on with life and start a new clean sheet, sometimes you have to let go off your past forever.

What you have others do not. What others have you do not. Unless you share then yours is really very little.

Your eyes are limpid when you think a bit of yourself and use more of your feelings, thoughts and times for the good of people around you.

Perspective restores balance in seeing and handling your problems.

Too often peeping results make you upset and unfocused. Too rare to see results makes you lose direction, momentum & control.

The best of freedom is when you have and follow rules.

Need is simple, desire is not. The latter is two-edged: cultivating and destroying.

Hold on to the goal, then your lazy habit of delaying will go away by itself.

When your well dries up, fill it in first to get your words back again with clarity, substance, and balanced. To deviate is common, but get back hurry to your track.

Your pleasure is near you and at places far away. The imbalance of attention you give to both makes you vulnerable.

Confusion makes you going nowhere. The answer to a turmoil is to take action, and there is no perfect one. Just do it.

Results to be religious should be on noble mind as well as compassionate and benevolent acts for others rather than spreading hatred and bombs.

If grief and happiness are both draining tears, and they are in your heart's cubicle, then are you going to throw them out to live a hollow life?

Religious but bad behavior, because Shari'a is not perfect, rarely go up to tarekat class, let alone hakikat and ma'rifat

After spending a lot of time out for yourself, you can just feel the pleasure of giving your time for others. Conversely after spending a lot of your time for others, then you can feel the pleasure of solitude. That is life.

How short a day is. My future day, and your day, will stop. Then where will I and you go, again?

The perfection is one day extinct as well.

Love should not know complain dan pain.

Therefore, be careful with your day, as there is little you can do with yesterday.

Yesterday and today is tomorrow and the day after tomorrow ...

If religion can be tainted, if it's not a false religion then surely its adherents are not mature, have not dipped to the essence, let alone makrifat.

Great nation is not simply measured by population, but also behavior and work ethic culture of its officials and people.

Independence is when prisons of the corrupt are empty, when money and wealth of state are used as much as possible for the welfare of the people.

Be thankful it's not enough just to say alhamdulillah ...

Be thankful for your weakness, because with it you can grow. Be cautious with your strength, because with it you can be destroyed.

Doing tricks will help you, for a short while, and then it will hurt you, for a much longer period of time.

All your senses of pleasure are for a moment, your memories and desires are not. Choose what you will repeat for your momentary satisfaction that are with good ends.

Do not you denounce bad behavior of others, even if you're smart and regularly clean your own toilet.

If your nightly effort fails, let's say you've just got home from a vacation, and started working again. Also check what memorable holiday you have ..

When you feel in vain with what you do, know that you are forgetting to hone your imagination.

Dating or marrying a partner for 'what's in it for you' ends with failure, regret, and shame.

Correct and knightly actions taken on the basis of misinformation will be tragic.

Breaking away from distraction will keep you focused on goals.

Back to home, where you feel free, comfortable, and protected

Make peace with time and place to dismiss your anxiety

Considering Sufi path: from shari'a, tarekat, essence, to makrifat ... from "commanding self" to "pure self" ...

Temptations and distractions 'come into being' when goals are set. Without a goal, life it's just entertainment and fun.

A deep longing will call back the past that shook you, at least in your thoughts and dreams, or through your memories.

Too much focus on destination makes you years later realize how much you missed along the way. Not worth the trouble being very short in enjoying the goals.

The most beautiful place eventually became so old, boring, then avoided, to be missed again someday ...

Not all dreams are doomed to be true, but at least one of your greatest dreams can come true with conviction, focus and endeavor.

The love of things often defeats the love of humanity. Men, other than you, are they lower than your possessions?

Good deeds of calculation, not of the heart, are manipulations

The Randu tree is sexy ...

Not spending money is not necessarily free of charge. There's still something to be paid ...

Heaven is when you discover and live up the meaning of your life.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: October 12, 2017.

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