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Anglican Church, Central Jakarta

Anglican Church Jakarta, also known as the Church of England, is located at Jalan Rahman Hakim, Menteng, near Patung Pak Tani. In the beginning, around 1822, the Anglican Church was a simple chapel made of bamboo and served as a church for British community in Batavia.

In 1853, there were addition of sun blinds. A year later a warehouse was built in the South end of the West veranda, and in 1863 an organ was installed. On the inside and outside of the church there are inscriptions of several British graves.

The Anglican Church has experienced hard times when three of the seven pastors were sick (1851-1879) and could not serve the congregation. In 1910 there even was no priest at all, aggravated by financial difficulties with debts reached more than f20.000.

The difficulties experienced by the Anglican Church could finally be overcome after receiving assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in London and in 1910 the Anglican Church was put into the authority of Anglican Diocese of Singapore until today.

Anglican Church

Address: Jalan Rahman Hakim, Menteng, Central Jakarta. GPS Location: -6.1829795, 106.8353663, Waze. Map of Jakarta . Destinations in Jakarta . Hotel in Central Jakarta.

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