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Alerted by a dear friend in Indonesia who supports arts in general and music in particular about this group, I immediately did my research on the group. Frankly speaking, I have not heard of their music. After finding their pieces on Youtube, I decided to attend the final performance of the White Shoes and The Couples Company in San Francisco during their USA Tour on 2 November evening.

The White Shoes and The Couples Company, is an indie pop group formed 6 years ago with an initial formation of violin, rhythm guitar and melody guitar with Sari, Rio and Saleh. Later on, a couple musicians (which happened to be real life husband and wife) join the trio, with Ricky, the husband on bass and cello, Mela, the wife on viola, keyboards and piano, this formation made the White Shoes & the Couples Company name. Two years later John, a drummer, was added to the latest formation of the group.

In August 2005, Aksara Record released the group album with 11 songs of mix of orchestral pieces, clap-along pop tunes, and dandelion-delicate love songs. They are nostalgic tunes presented with new vibes. That particular album has sold over 15,000 copies.

The group also made the original soundtrack for the movie “Janji Joni”, “Berbagi Suami” and “Quickie Express”, and its song “Senandung Maaf” has also become a highly played song in Indonesian radio stations. In 2007, the group released its album titled “Skenario Masa Muda”.

330 Ritch Street, the club where they performs is a 5,000 square foot classic 1920’s brick warehouse building in South Beach Historical District. This club is a venue for various events, but is always a favorite within the club community. The amenities include professional lighting, a raised stage for bands, presentations, and performances.

The first song played was XXX. Followed by BBB, and CCC.
At the end, after zzz song, and by the audience request, the group decided to play a “bonus” song for the San Francisco crowd, they played KKK

For interested TAP readers, the White Shoes & The Couples Company will be performing at TBC Tangerang on 9 November 2008 at 9:00 PM and again at The Pacific Place in Jakarta on November 12 at 7:00 PM.

Complete info about the group can be viewed at:

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