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November 30, 2008. Music. Share: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp - My notes on Indra Lesmana Reborn's performance will be the last post of my whole affairs with the Jakarta International Jazz Festival 2008, since I did not go to the Sunday program. Thanks to Ireng Maulana and friends for making it happens and allowing people like me to take photos, to all members of the JakJazz crew, security officers, parking attendants, food stalls, the sponsors, and the friendly Jakarta's sky.

Even though the Concert Hall was not fully occupied by Jakarta jazz enthusiasts, but a sizeable number of people were there enjoying Indra Lesmana Reborn's show when we entered the cold hall, right after leaving Daniel Sahuleka's performance.

Rejos on percussion was very impressive showing his speed, control and power in a couple of music compositions.

Indra Lesmana showed his high and sophisticated technique skills in moving and playing the whole of his fingers across the keyboard producing astounding dynamic sound of quality music.

Indra was accompanied by Donny, who's playing his saxophone, Idham Noorsahid wearing red t-shirt at the trumpet, the cool Sri Aksana Syuman on drums, Nikita Dompas on guitar and A.S. Mates on bass.

The vocalists were Mike Mohede, along with Teza and Monita who got their names through Indonesian Idol competition.

Thank you JakJazz for entertaining Jakartans who will likely brave another economic turmoils in a few months to come. Let's continue playing and enjoying music, whether in good or bad times.
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