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It seems that there's a silent revolution in blogosphere that has been going on for a while that I was not aware of. It's called DoFollow blog. I have seen signs such as "You comment, I follow", but I thought it was like if I left a comment then the blog owner will reply it, or will visit my blog in return. I just knew recently what it really means with the DoFollow blog.

DoFollow blog will give an automatic backlink to commenters' blog, provided that they left their blog URLs instead of blogger profiles. The good part is that the backlink can be recognized by web spider. If you leave a comment and URL at a high PR dofollow blog, according to, the PR will be passed to your blog. In short, leaving comments at DoFollow blogs brings more traffic and higher PR to the commenters.

By default, blogspot is nofollow blog, which means that comments left by visitors will not be recognized by web search engine spider. Changing blogspot to be dofollow blog provides incentive to visitors who leave comments, as visitors will be rewarded with free backlinks to their blogs when they left comments and URL.

Searching with Google brought me to Andy Beard's blog that gives various plugins to remove nofollow in Wordpress and other environment, which then led me to Ronnie's blog on how to change a blogspot, with new blogger template, to be a DoFollow blog.

Here's the simple steps:
  1. Go to Dashboard, Layout, Edit HTML.
  2. Click Download Full Template to backup your template.
  3. Click "Expand Widget Templates", press Ctrl-F, and type "nofollow", hit enter and find below tags:

    <dt class='comment-author' expr:id='"comment-" +'>
    <a expr:name='"comment-" +'/>
    <b:if cond='data:comment.authorUrl'>
    <a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>
  4. Now, delete rel='nofollow'
  5. Click SAVE TEMPLATE button, and you are done.
There are sites that provide lists of DoFollow blogs such as Tricia's blog, and list of useful plugsin such as the one at Andy's blog.

There's also a search engine that will bring you to DoFollow blogs, named DoFollow Diver. Just key-in any keywords, and it will give search results on DoFollow blogs.

If yours is already a DoFollow blog, leave me a comment, and I will make a list of DoFollow blog in this posting. You should be a regular blogger with at least two posts in a month, and it should not be a blog primarily made for Ads.
A backlink to the Aroengbinang Project will be very much appreciated.

List of DoFollow blogs:

  1. Anita Carmencita
  2. Aris Heru Utomo
  3. Indonesia Matters
  4. Junjung Purba
  5. LinkBuilding Bible
  6. The Aroengbinang Project
  7. Therry's Journal

Here's another DoFollow Blog List from Tricia's Blogroll

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