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How to Make Link Button

I have put for a while a link button to make easier for fellow bloggers to have a link-exchange with Aroengbinang. Link exchange is one of the most effective ways to improve blog's Google PageRank, the heart of the powerful Google search engine.

Google PageRank is a system for ranking web pages developed by Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University. Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote; a vote by page A for page B. Google also analyzes the page that casts the vote and other factors that Google does not disclose.

Since not many bloggers are familiar with html tags to create a link in their blogs, link button will certainly help, since the only thing they need to do is just copy and paste.

Initially, I used TAP Blogger button; TAP (The Aroengbinang Project) was first used by jeng Ira to call the blog and actually I like it very much, but after visiting bung Ocha's Blog who's very kind to make a great button for TAP, finally I decided to use bung Ocha's button. My deepest appreciation to my friends Ira and Ocha.

Here are steps that you can take to make a link button.
  1. Go to BlogFlux Button Maker.
    In the Left Block, type your first text. Choose the color for text, e.g.: #FFFFFF, background: #FF5500, Tex Alignment: Center.

    In the Righ Block, type your second text, and choose the color, e.g.: #FFFFFF, background: #7F7F7F, Tex Alignment: Center.

    In the Button Options, you may use #545454 for Border Color, #FFFFFF for background, Divider Alignment: Left, and Frame: 18x15 (default), then click Generate Button.

    If you are satisfied, right click on the button, click Save Picture As.., and save it in your hard drive.

  2. Sign In to your Flickr, or Sign Up if you haven't had the account.
    Click Upload Photos,
    Click Browse and locate the button in your hard drive, double click it,
    click UPLOAD button at the lower part of the page.

    When it's uploaded, click SAVE.
    Next, click your button image, click ALL SIZES, then copy the script shown in the number 1.

  3. Go to your Dashboard, Layout.
    Click Add a Page Element, choose HTML/JavaScript and click ADD TO BLOG button,
    type the title, and paste the script from Flickr that will look like:
    <a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="80" height="15" alt="aroengbinangfs8"/></a>

  4. Change the address to your blog address, and so it will look like this:
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="80" height="15" alt="aroengbinangfs8"/></a>

    The blog adress will be your blog address, and the image address will also be your image address.
    The target="_blank" will make the blog opened in a new window.

  5. Now, change all < signs to &lt; and all > signs to &gt; and it will look like:

    &lt;a href="
    " target="_blank"&gt;&lt;img src="" width="80" height="15" alt="aroengbinangfs8"/&gt;&lt;/a&gt;

  6. Save it, and you are done

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