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Knowledge is power, right? Wrong. I'm not kidding, and you might have read it in one of my posts before. Knowledge becomes power only when we know how and when to use it, to what kind of people or society and in what circumstances we apply it, and that we fully understand its limitation an subsequent consequences when we decided to use it.

Hence, there are two elements of knowledge, one is the knowledge itself, and second is the understanding and the skill to use it at its fullest in a way that it becomes a power.

I acquired knowledge by attending various training, reading books, talking to people, attending various meeting, observing and imitating people's thinking and behavior, practicing and finally liberating from all the patrons and be myself.

Training to me is good only for stimulating my mind and meeting new people, yet I have to spend a lot of money to attend a "good" course, and I don't like it. Besides, the one that gets the biggest benefit from training is the trainer, not the trainees.

Trainer gets better knowledge and understanding on the subject, whilst the trainees will be spellbound by the trainer's magical charm and wisdom, and forget about the lessons in a week time.

Talking to people could reveal my stupidity, however at least I know that I'm still stupid, and hopefully will have more willingness to work on it.
I have ever posted, and repeated a couple of times, the sequence of observe-imitate-practice-liberate-innovate. Hence, I will not touch it anymore.

Reading books to me is the most economical and effective ways in acquiring knowledge and wisdom, provided that we have discipline to do the reading every single day, and always try to memorize important lessons we've got as if we are going to share it with somebody else. Now, I do blogging to learn from fellow bloggers on various topics.

It's been more than ten years that I've always bought books written in English, mostly about general management, business strategy, leadership, strategic marketing, wisdom and biography. I only subscribe the Jakarta Post. This is an extreme approach to force me to learn the language. Now, it's probably the time to loosen it a little bit. I started thinking to buy books written in Indonesian.

The first book written in Indonesian that I bought was "Gokil! Sebuah Kompilasi Kedodolan" written by Miund, a fellow "gokil" blogger who's kind enough to invite me to attend the book launching at Cafe Omah Sendok, last Thursday.

I shall convey my gratitude to her for allowing me to have a free nice dinner, also for having a good time chatting with her father, for being entertained, for mentioning my name in the book, and for getting her signature on the book that I bought :D. Nice start jeng, and wish you have plenty of luck for the success of the book, and I believe you will get it. I do like the style, the stories and the character of the book, which is quite unique and refreshing.

From now on, I'll be buying more books written in Indonesian. I will be looking books by Dewi Sekar, Dian Ibung and others at Gramedia Matraman or Kinokuniya - Plaza Senayan, my favorite places. I will give support to more Indonesian writers, as I believe that they deserve to have it. Then hopefully there'll be an Indonesia writer who can be a Noble winner, one day.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: June 01, 2007.

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