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Google Adsense inside Post

For fellow bloggers who are interested in knowing the tips on how to put Google Adsense inside post in Blogger Beta, or New Blogger, exactly as what you see in TAP (The Aroengbinang Project) this little information is for you.

The widget was created based on Louiss' tips with a minor modification on the style. The credit shall belong to him.

Here are the steps that I took:
  1. Login to Google Adsense, then Adsense Setup.
    The Google Adsense ads format that I use is 250 x 250 Small Square.
    The palettes is Ink, the Title color is CAF99B, and the URL is C3D9FF.
    Copy the Google Adsense code.

  2. Go to dashboard, Layout, Template, Edit HTML, click "Download Full Template" to back up your template. This is a golden standard.

  3. Click Expand Template, and scroll down to find
    <div class="'post-header-line-1'/">.

  4. Paste your Google Adsense code below the above line.

  5. Change the <!-- in your Google Adsense ads to &lt;!--
    and change the //--> to //--&gt;

  6. Copy this style below:
    <div style='float: left; margin-right:5px;'>

    Paste it below the line mentioned in step no 3 and above your Google Adsense code.
    This style will wrap the text on the right side of the ads.

  7. Below the bottom of your Google Adsense script, add

  8. Save your template. You are done.

You will then need to evaluate over time whether this Google Adsense position gives you more click rates than the other available positions. If you haven't got a chance, you may need to learn more on how to use channel in Google Adsense. Good luck.

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