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How to Increase Blog Traffic

I've been searching around the web with Google on tips and tricks of how to increase Blog traffic for quite sometimes. The reason is, not only it's nice to see the site meter grows higher day by day, but statistically there'll be a greater chance to make new friends and improve revenue as well.

Different people have different objectives when it comes to blogging, and that's perfectly fine. I believe, however, that the majority of bloggers understand the importance of possessing the knowledge of how to increase blog traffic more effectively.

I found some excellent posts from a few great blogs. Some were really good and others could cause me serious troubles. Whilst I can not claim that I have been successful in increasing blog traffic, still I want to share some of the tips that I use.

  1. Visits fellow bloggers, leave comments and shout.
    Comments only or shout only is not enough. It's better to use them both to get highest impact. Comments are more valuable, and will trigger return visits from the blog owners and its visitors and also more long lasting.

    Writing good comments, however, it's not always easy. Sometimes it took me a long time just to make one.

    Comments shall at least be 200 characters, for Google crawlers to recognize it as quality comments.

    When leaving comments at blogger, I do not use Your Blogger display name, but use "Other" and type my name and blog address instead. This way, people will visit directly to my blog, instead of reading my profile.

  2. Update often, twice a week or more.
    This is the real challenge of how I can write good posts, frequently, consistently. Things that people like to read. I may fail once in a while, but that's fine. I just need to enjoy the pressure and move forward.
    Sometimes I read The Jakarta Post, and other sources, to get ideas for my posts. Sometimes I started with my photos collection.

  3. Offer Link exchange and install Shout Box.
    Besides comments that I left in various blogs, link exchange also helps me to increase my Technorati ranks, and to improve my position in the search engine.
    ShoutBox enable people to leave short comments, that will enable me to return the visit, and probably ask for a link exchange. I use Shoutmix, others prefer Oggix.

  4. Join BlogExplosion and others.
    BlogExplosion has contributed to number of visitors to my blog per day, until now.
    However, visitors tend to stay only 30 seconds and then move on to another blog to earn credit. I joined also BlogLinker, BlogMad, BlogSoldiers, Community Kompas, CopyBlogger, FreeViral, RankingBlogs

    I got information about Community Kompas from a fellow blogger Nila, and the rest were from Google search.

  5. SEO: Search Engine Optimization.
    One of the tips is to make sure that when I open my blog, it should start from the post section, not the side bar, regardless where I position it. This will ensure that Google will capture keywords in the post sections first, rather than those in side bar.

    Write posts related with hot issues or keywords, such as recent celebrity gossip, current events or sex, will certainly help to improve traffic, but I would not recommend it if it's for the sake of traffic only.

For reference, here are links that you may want to check:
BlogHerald, Copyblogger, Problogger: SEO, Problogger: The Advice of a 12 Year Old, Scoreboard, SEOBlackhat, Seth Godin, Seomoz

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