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The Bubu Awards

I attended The Bubu Awards V.05 Awarding Night Malam Lintas Generasi on Wednesday, April 4th 2007. The venue was at National Museum, Jakarta, which was consistent with the theme of the competition. Thanks to an unknown friend who give me the invitation. It was actually the first time for me to hear about the awards, claimed to be the most prestigious web (design) competition.

The competition attracted about 600 participants and the finalist were selected by around 50 people from different back ground and expertise. The complete listing of the winners can found at The Bubu Award website

Here are some photos from the event.

Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo, CEO Bubu Internet (the organizer of the Bubu Awards), said the program was intended to give appreciation to web developer in the country.

Sofyan A. Djalil, Minister of Communication and Information Technology, in his speech said that the internet connection cost would go down further. Just a few days before, starting April 1, Telkom dropped the Speedy subscription fee to Rp.750,000 from Rp.2 million for unlimited access.

Ida Arimurti took the stage as an MC. I used to hear her and Krisna on the radio when they were still with Prambors.
It's been a long time.

Thanks to the Bubu Internet for organizing such an excellent event. Hopefully there'll be more creative ideas flying high for the next awards. Beyond web design.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: April 16, 2007.

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