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Friday on Java Jazz 2007

Java Jazz Festival 2007 on Friday was really cool. I arrived at Jakarta Convention Center at about 4pm as I took a half day leave to find a good place for parking and avoid being trapped in traffic. The entrance was arranged right after the parking, not at the main building, which enable jazz fans to find food and beverages at various food stalls right after the entrance that were nicely arranged and covered with white tents to anticipate rain.

When I was enjoying Papa Ron's Pizza and a bottle of Aqua, I saw Vina Panduwinata was approaching with her husband and son, and sitting at the next table. Hmmm, sometimes I forgot that I live in Jakarta, not in my kampong.

The first show on stage was HyperSax N Co featuring Saunine. Saunine is a string quartet from Yogyakarta founded by Oni Krisnerwinto in 1993, so was HyperSax.

I went around with a young photographer from a magazine for orientation of the stage locations, before heading to Cendrawasih 2&3 to see Overload Romance, a local band from Bogor with Arie as vocalist, Oggie at guitar, Kay on drum and Uthe -the only beauty in the group- on bass. Their techno-disco music were easily digested and enjoyed, even though they prefer their music to be categorized as pop. The audience gave loud cheers when they played Layang-layang (Kyte). Good music, nice stage act, and excellent interaction with the audience. Go to the nearest store and grab their CD.

I moved to the next stage to see Sol Project performance. The local group was established in 2006, and had released their first album ‘Indonesia…La Nueva Inspiracion’. Local ethnic songs completely redone with latin salsa music flavor, such as in Bajing Luncat composition, were quite groovy and made the audience couldn't stop moving their bodies to follow the rythm. Two thumbs up. Highly recommended.

At last I could see perfomance of Balawan Trio, dubbed as the fastest and most talented guitar player in Indonesia.

I knew Sadao Watanabe since more than 20 years ago, but I couldn't recall any of of his composition. This old man could still move my soul with his flute and saxophone. The men behind the percussion were really amazing. They played extremely well. Hmmm, another expense to buy CD.

Another great performance was conducted by John Scofield. His lively expressions and vigor liven up the night. Scofield is an American jazz guitarist and composer who plays jazz fusion, funk, blues, soul and others.

The special show that day was Sergio Mendez at plenary hall and was almost full house.

The last performers that I saw on that day was Level 42, a group from England that I knew since 80s. There was a bit annoying incident that all jazz lovers were asked to leave the hall since the band would do sound checking. Tribune seats were re-opened earlier, as you can see that while tribune was almost packed, in front of stage was still deserted.

Unfortunately I missed Lisa Ono (it was quite packed atually, to answer yodee's comment), Indra Aziz (deeply apologize bung), and many others. Hmmm, I didn't move around fast enough...

Comments on Comments:

yodee said...
did you get to see lisa ono?
9:23 PM
Lisa Ono actually performed on Sunday, and I didn't have a chance to see it.

yodee said...
hey, wasn't the title of this entry "Saturday Java Jazz 2007"? or am i hallucinating?
12:43 PM
my mistake, it was there on Friday not Saturday... :). There'll be anothing posting for Sunday performance.

crushdew said...
MUPENG....kapan aku bisa nonton acara ituh...
1:12 PM
hmmmm, bulan november ya jeng, nonton JakJazz..., moga2 lebih rame-an dari yg maren.

Dewi Susanti said...
lucky you! it's unfortunate that the ticket has gotten so expensive now.
4:38 PM
It was expensive indeed jeng. Many people were luckier though to get free tickets, either by participating to radio quiz, got from the sponsors or companies, or bought free invitations from scalpers

rime said...
wah... java jazzz... T_T aku iri padamu..
btw Overload Romance tuh yang Dancing with the Lover itu bukan?
11:24 AM
Ini lho jeng lagu2nya ada di sini.

kenny said...
tahu cuma sadao watanabe aja, itu gara2 suami yg suka denger :D
9:17 PM
idem jeng, aku gak banyak yg kenal juga, hitung2 buat pembelajaran.

sinceyen said...
Jadi bisa ikut ngerasain ramenya nih :)
emang rame bener jeng, tahun ini jauh lebih ramai penontonnya dibanding tahun lalu. cari makan juga lebih mudah.... :)

rinnie said...
Just one word : "KEREN"
8:29 AM
hmmm, I should give credit to the performers and organizers

hery said...
Om, kalau di sini kebanyakan lagu india, jd males aku nontonnya :)
12:21 PM
ya...ya..., ikut joged2an saja bung

manler said...
sayang si Cullum mahal bgt...Gag nyampe kantong gw..
12:23 AM
emang mahal bung, saya juga gak nonton koq...

venus said...
sedih, ga bisa nonton :(
10:33 AM
masih ada tahun depan jeng... JakJazz di November tahun ini. Nonton ya.

endangwithnadina said...
sayangnya, kayaknya harga tiketnya mahal ya...padahal pengen nonton sekalian memperkenalkan anak2 pada jenis musik ini.
11:06 AM
moga2 tahun depan bisa lebih murah jeng, atau rejekinya yg nambah :)

awi said...
oke banget konsernya, thanks for sharing
11:25 AM
my pleasure jeng...

NiLA Obsidian said...
bener kaannn ...baca ceritanya om tjahyo..berasa bener atmospherenya nonton java jazz....apa lagi liat foto2 nya....
hebat liputannya...!
9:48 PM
ah jadi tersipu-sipu jeng...; mestinya aku yg ambil fotonya jeng nila yg critain, hmmm pasti seru.

dian mercury said...
cewek baju ijo yg ngangkat kelek itu siapa ?
9:36 AM
namanya Cecilia Venture atau Selly, nggak sopan ya jeng, yg moto :)

miund said...
Java Jazz was good, but you know what I miss, Pak?
I really miss low-profiled jazz events where the audience can 'communicate' directly with the performers who aren't chased by tight rundowns and packed schedules.

Don't know about your days, but when I was back in campus, we had Jazz Nights every three months or so. It featured the likes of Budi Haryono, Indro... and many of the now-high-profile musicians.

ah those good ol' days... :D
4:35 PM
U r quite right jeng; we may need more events like pasar jazz held in a more familial environment; i couldn't recall whether there was jazz club during my days in campus

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