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I have only a few stuffs on my page and I thought that it might be good to share some the things that might be useful for those who are interested in improving their blog appearance.
When I saw a cool widget on a blog, I would try to have and then modify it as per my taste. Sometimes I threw them away after few weeks, when I felt that my blog needed kind of facelift. I am a person who likes to change things. Translation, I can get bored easily.

Here is the script for my shout box that shows the width and height that I use.
For the colors, you need to go to your account at Shoutmix to change it.

<!-- Start Shoutbox Include -->
<iframe src="http://www.shoutmix.com/box/your_account_name/" frameborder="1" width="220" scrolling="yes" height="1000">
<p><a href="http://www.shoutmix.com/box/your_account_name/">View shoutbox</a></p>
<!-- End Shoutbox Include -->

The width is equal to the width of my small column. If your column is wider or narrower, you can add or reduce the number, whether by trial and error, or you can see the exact width at the html script of your template. You can change the height too.

As for blog links, I do not use the standard link widget from blogger. I clicked "Add a Page Element" on Blogger Template, then click "ADD TO BLOG" on HTML/JavaScript, and I put the script below. When I want to add another blog, I usually copy one full link, including the bullet, then just change the blog address and the name.

<a href="http://yamadhipati.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">Alex Ramses</a> • <a href="http://www.anggara.wordpress.com/" target="_blank">Anggara Online</a> • <a href="http://arishu.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">Aris Heru Utomo</a>

Now about the label. The reason why I have so many keywords for my labels was because they are directly linked to Technorati tags that I got from Seige. The more you have Technorati tags that are relevant to your posts, the more traffic there will be to your blog, in theory.

As for Neocounter, I think I paid around $12 USD with credit card. Now it costs $17.95 USD per year. If it goes up again, I may discontinue the subscription, even though it's nice to see all the flags.

If you want to add Recent Comments on your beta blogger, you may want to give a visit to Hans. Be sure that you follow the instruction on the second paragraph titled "Javascript sourcefile" before installing the widget.

For the three column template I got it also from Hans. I just moved the originally left small column to the right.
It's extremely important not to miss any important codes. Be careful. Always back up your template!


  1. Wah, rajin menulis Bung. Sorry, komentarnya dalam Bahasa. Lagi males. Hehehe.

  2. Bung Hidayat Aginta:
    Weh, maunya sih menulis seperti main tennis bung,dua kali seminggu... Salam.

  3. hehehe.. sama dong..
    saya juga suka banget nyobain hack-hack baru yang menarik bagi saya. Ntar kalo bosen tinggal balik dimatiin lagi...

  4. wewpz.. takjub mode on.. hehehehe.. saya udah pindah ke blogger beta, tapi teteup ga ngerti.. pengen ngutak ngatik, tapi ga terlalu curious hehe.. lagi manteb ama tampilan blog skarang.. tapi sebenarnya pengen juga siyh di bikin tiga kolom..

    *pheww* banyak tapinya, ga niat betul.. *toenk*

  5. aroengbinang7:21 PM

    iya jeng, seperti anak2 punya mainan baru yg bikin asik.

    kalau udah mulai gak mo berhenti lho.... salam.

  6. pengen bgt nyoba2 gitu...tp takut jd nya berantakan, denger2 cerita banyak blogger pd berantakan tuh....
    apalagi kalo netnya lagi super lemot....
    alhasil kita jadi BT deh

  7. Ya, ya, kadang memang ngabisin waktu.

    Supaya gak nyesek, di bagian atas di menu "Edit Template HTML" ada tulisan begini "Before editing your template, you may want to save a copy of it. Download Full Template"

    Kalau gagal, tinggal di-upload lagi template-nya. Salam ya jeng.

  8. Been looking for the three-column template -- it looks complicated though...

  9. I stand corrected on the three-column template -- it's not as complicated as it looks the first time. Interestingly, I learned the structure. The challenging part was that it was so cramped on the first cut.

    Thanks for the posting!

  10. Bleu:
    Congratulations, you've made it!

  11. aduh2 ngeblog molo kerjanya..
    inget anak istri....


  12. ye...ye..., no hasilnye ada Label Cloud yg keyen :)


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