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The Naked Person

After reading my blog, a friend gave a comment that the blog contained only the good sides of the owner. I nodded. She was right. Whilst in my case I shared few of my difficult times as illustrations for the thoughts I offered, they were not the bad ones.

In normal relationship, there are invisible doors need to be knocked and opened before a person becomes parts of one’s most inner world.
However, there are people who tightly guarded their doors and never opened these doors to even close friends, no matter how soft or how hard the doors were knocked. There are others who always let their doors widely opened with no fear to even new acquaintances.

To be naked, emotionally and mentally, as in physical sense, would actually make us free from most of our burdens. There’ll be no dissimulations, no deceptions.
Upon achieving that level, we will be comfortable to be seen and perceived as what we actually are. We will still respect people’s opinion about us, but will not be afraid of people’s judgments.

However, not every society accepts nakedness, the honesty of heart and mind. It may work well in a society with a certain degree of tolerance, or else there’ll be martyrs, punished by short mindedness. On earth, today, to find a society with that degree of tolerance is a bit scarce.


Just like earth, people’s inner worlds are not perfectly flat and round. It would be very boring to live on earth with no mountains, valleys, or ravines. It would also be dull to live with a completely perfect person, who is absolutely weak, or perfectly strong, in everything.

When a person has a towering strength, he surely has deep hole of a weakness. The strength may bring glory after years of struggles; but then the weakness will ruin everything in less than a day. He who wants to enjoy the glory, therefore, shall be prepared to bear the pain of shame and disgrace.

Whilst not every person will be able or is necessary to be completely naked to the outside world, as it’s also against the nature, the more naked we are the more peaceful our heart and mind will likely be. Along the way, however, there’ll be dire psychological and physical consequences that we may need to face. With that in mind, will we ever be ready then?

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: November 25, 2006.

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