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Bad to Good

Everything on earth is important, and has some sort of roles that contributes to the advancement of human being in life. Take mosquito as an example. They are quite annoying noisy flying little monster, and quite often are very dangerous when transmitting fatal diseases. Whilst most people hate them, but millions of others depend on and prosper because of their existence. Nothing is without a meaning.

Mosquitoes provide jobs for millions of people around the globe who work in mosquito’s repellent factories; researchers in universities and private companies; workers and sales people in diagnostics companies producing malaria or dengue diagnostics kits; those who work in pharmaceutical companies producing drugs; analysts in clinical laboratories; and healthcare workers in hospitals that treat diseases transmitted by them. Hundred billion dollars of businesses are generated by these skinny little creatures.

The latest mass tools to kill these insects are electric mosquito trap rackets, powered by dry battery cell. Priced at about US$3, the device works exceptionally well. No dangerous chemical substance to worry about, no pollution, and they also give people late evening exercises playing seek and trap mosquito games. I have once mentioned to my wife that the inventor of this simple device deserved a Noble prize!
On the dark sides, they caused death and grievances to those who were affected. The source of laughter and happiness is also the source of cry and misery.

Criminals are enemies of good societies, but their existence is also “important”. They provide millions of jobs for police officers, security service providers, healthcare workers, insurance brokers, prisoners’ staffs, weapon manufacturers, movie makers, journalists, heroes.
They play the bad guy roles, and give the roles of good citizens to others.

JK Rowling won’t be able to make her Harry Potter’s character became so famous without the existence of the Dark Lord and his follower, the Death Eaters. The same reason is valid for Superman and James Bond who need bad guys around to keep them on their job.
In office life, there are always trouble makers, bad guys. It can be colleagues, subordinates, superiors, customers, suppliers, who always give you problems. Not solutions. You wish you could get rid them all off. You couldn’t. Anyway, their existence is needed. Just like Harry Potter needs the existence of Lord Voldemort.

Bad guys in office, in a family, or in greater life provide us with so many free lessons and useful exercises to hone our soft skills. We only need to know how to deal with it. No need and no use to hate or run away from them. There’s no single thing in life without a meaning. You just need to survive and reflect to get the wisdom out of it.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: October 21, 2006.

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