Commuting to Excellence

A few years back I established a training provider with some old friends. While the partnership didn't work well, mainly because everybody was busy doing their own business, still we managed to conduct three successful training before we finally agreed to stop the operation and make the company dormant.

The training approach I offered was to provide the trainees with all materials that we used during the training, including training manual book for easy reading, powerpoint presentations with all video clips attached, plus the "learning on the road" or "LOR" audio casettes.
It took whole night till morning to do the analog recording and editing, and extra efforts to duplicate casettes.

With the availability of digital recording, and huge storage device such as in iPod and mobile devices, it's easier and cheaper now to create and copy "LOR" materials, and easier for people to access it, anywere, anytime. With iPod movie people can also learn various knowledge from digital videos.

Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi in their inspiring book about Knowledge Management wrote that there are two types of knowledge: explicit knowledge and tacit knowedge.

Transferring explicit knowledge is relatively easy and can use any form of media. Tacit knowledge, on the other hand, is more difficult to transfer. This knowledge can be learnt by accurately observing the act performed by the master, precisely imitating it and followed with numereous practices (observe-imitate-practice).

The availability of the digital video recording and portable playback devices shall revolutinize learning process. No, not yet, not that fast, until some people really work on it.

People who work in cities like Jakarta, will spend 3-5 hours on the road everyday, commuting from home to office, from office to meet customers and back to office, and from office to home. Some will go to places to hang out before heading home.

As we all know, most of us do nothing during the trip, some listen to music, others to radio talkshow, or are busy to do some phone calls. We don't really invest our precious and non-renewable capital, time, in activities that will improve our knowledge, and yet all of us want to have better position, better salaries, better quality of lives.

It's about forming a new habit. We need to go through cognitive path, affective path and behavioral path. The first is to create awareness, the second to strike emotional chord, and the last one to induce actions.

To achieve these objectives, we need support from training providers to create digital certified LOR courses, media owners to create awareness among commuters, electronics manufacturers to give free digital short LOR modules included in the package to start rolling the balls, employers to encourage employees to use learning on the road training courses, and to acknowledge LOR certificates from applicants.

Let's create a LOR societies, where people move faster and cheaper to higher levels of expertise by utilizing a portion of their commuting times to learn through LOR certified courses.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: September 23, 2006.

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