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March 21, 2009. Label:

On Virtual Enterprise Program

For the first time, high school students from High/Scope Indonesia are participating in the 3rd Merrill Lynch Global Business Challenge Competition and 12th Annual International Trade Fair to be held on 23-26 March in New York City. Participants prepared themselves for one school year under the guidance of teacher/facilitators and business partners. Indonesia is the first participant form South East Asia, in which grade 11 students were prepared for 2 semesters.

September 09, 2008. Label:

On Correctional Facility

Correctional Facility, as it is called, is a strictly guarded place where unfortunate convicted individuals are physically confined for certain period of times or even for life. Their lack of personal freedoms, the minimum standard of living conditions they receive and the lack of personal safety they sometimes have to face, are parts of the consequences they have to deal with in places that are also widely known as prisons.
May 06, 2008. Label:

The Phelan Legacy

A person can decide to donate time, efforts, goods, or money to support variety of causes or simply for the sake of giving things away. Small or big, a gift may leave a legacy that exceeds the person life span.
April 19, 2008. Label:

Treasuring Friendship

Greetings. Unlike regular mornings, I woke up without an alarm clock that Sunday morning. Grateful for a good sleep, I rolled over to reach my phone on the bedside. My Sunday morning ritual was about to start, making calls to my love ones far away from where I am, when I realized that my calf was a bit sore. It must be the high heel from the night before.