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July 12, 2008. Label:

The Payback Time

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Wrong. Since there are lunches that we have to pay before or immediately after enjoying them, there are certainly free lunches, absolutely free with no attachments, no future obligations, no delayed stomach ache, no hidden costs. Everything on Earth has its extreme opposite pair, its paradox. If you can’t find the pair of a certain thing today, then it is hiding somewhere at a distance corner of the Universe.

July 06, 2008. Label:

The Aborted Farewell

It's been a while that I've been doing blogging. Looking back, it's still quite fresh in memory the moment when I started posting seriously in this blog. I was in a hospital accompanying my wife who was undergoing a surgery to remove funny little things in her ovarium, when I had a sense of determination to do and learn more seriously about blogging. That was the birth of my second posting The Bathroom Syndrome.
May 25, 2008. Label:

On that Hardship

The recent sharp increase in global oil and commodity prices have affected the life of many people, in both positive and negative ways. As for Indonesians, after days of uncertainties, the government of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had finally announced the increase of fuel prices by an average of 28.7%, effective May 24. University Students and various elements of the society hit the streets to voice out their oppositions and disagreements. Some turned ugly. Opportunist politicians and analysts got free rides.
May 18, 2008. Label:

LinkLove to Blogs - B

Please leave a message here if your Blog's Title hasn't been listed, and I will get it listed at soonest. I will really appreciate it if you can put as well a backlink to The Aroengbinang Project at your blog, using the following script:
May 17, 2008. Label:

The Stopping Point

One of the basic and yet inspiring lessons I got from physics is Newton's first law of motion, or sometimes referred to as the law of inertia. It says that an object will remain at rest, or continue in motion at a constant velocity and in the same direction, unless an outside force acts upon it.
May 06, 2008. Label:

The Phelan Legacy

A person can decide to donate time, efforts, goods, or money to support variety of causes or simply for the sake of giving things away. Small or big, a gift may leave a legacy that exceeds the person life span.
May 03, 2008. Label:

Author below Post Title

After reading SBoentaran first posting in TAP (The Aroengbinang Project) and the comments posted, I saw the need to move author's name from the bottom of the article to the top of the post, right below the post title, as this will provide clearer information to the readers.
April 29, 2008. Label:

Movements and Prosperity

The essence of business is movements. Movements of people, goods, information, money. Even in this modern era where people can place orders of goods and services through Internet, by fax, email, or phone, there will still be movements of raw materials to factories or centers of production, finished products to distributors, to stores and to customers. There are movements of people to different places for different purposes that directly or indirectly generate businesses.
April 28, 2008. Label:

DoFollow Blog

It seems that there's a silent revolution in blogosphere that has been going on for a while that I was not aware of. It's called DoFollow blog. I have seen signs such as "You comment, I follow", but I thought it was like if I left a comment then the blog owner will reply it, or will visit my blog in return. I just knew recently what it really means with the DoFollow blog.
April 12, 2008. Label:

Heaven for All

It is human when people praise a hero and condemn the villain, admire a saint and despise evil doer. It is also equally human, however, to act the other way around. Good and evil persons are often products of times and positions, either from the point of view of just a gang of people or allies of several nations. A person, hence, can be both a hero and an evil doer. Sometimes it is also just the way people see things, and a little sense of humor can make a big difference.
April 12, 2008. Label:

TAP PageRank Slashed

I woke up quite early this morning, and instead of going back to sleep, I decided to open my notebook computer, checked email, released comment from Manler, and opened blogger to continue working on an article that I wanted to post this morning.
March 29, 2008. Label:

The Law of Scarcity

A few weeks ago when I was ready to leave home for Cibubur on a Saturday morning, all of sudden I felt very cold and my body started to shiver. I got high fever. I already knew since the night before that I was contracted with flu and a bad cough, but I didn't know it was that bad. It took three days for my body temperature to get back to normal.
March 15, 2008. Label:

Top Commenter Widget

It's been sometimes that I gave up looking for a widget that can display the top commenters in TAP (The Aroengbinang Project), as a form of appreciation to those who frequently click the "Post a Comment" link at the bottom of an article and took the time to compose and post their comments in TAP.

It was last night when I was Googling for a blogger widget that can display most viewed posts that I stumbled on a search result which was not related with the popular post that I was looking for, but with the long abandoned Top Commenter widget instead. It's like confirming the wisdom of Paulo Coelho in the Alchemist that if you dream of something, the whole universe will (finally) conspire to help you to make it happen.

January 27, 2008. Label:

Farewell Pak Harto

Bapak Soeharto, the second President of the Republic of Indonesia had passed away today at 1.10 pm, January 27, 2008, at Pertamina Hospital, Jakarta. He was 86. May he rests in peace.
January 10, 2008. Label:

To Forgive and to Forget

It's like a ritual for politicians, activists and the media. Whenever the ex-President was rushed to Pertamina hospital to get super-special treatments for his recurring critical conditions, these group of people refresh the endless debates on issue whether the government and the attorney general office should drop the legal processes towards him and his foundations or not.
December 29, 2007. Label:

Criticism and Dried Well

It needs not even a single sweat drop to criticize on things that bothered us, things that against our view or values, whilst it can be a hell of a job to fix or improve it for those who are inside the circle, the box, especially when it's related with paradigm, attitude, habit, politics, money, power, sex.
December 08, 2007. Label:

On Experience

Strong and respected brands were built from numerous good and consistent experiences that customers encounter with the brands and with the people who are connected with the brands. Negative experiences weaken the brands, whilst positive experiences strengthen the brands, as simple as that.
November 10, 2007. Label:

Feedburner Email Subscription

Blogwalking is sometimes quite tiring and time consuming, and yet it's one of the most effective ways to maintain contact with fellow bloggers, to read new articles posted and to leave comments as footprints. There are chances, however, that we will miss one or more good postings when we have not enough time to go around. There are also chances that we visit a blog but there's no new article posted.
November 04, 2007. Label:

Sumpah Aroengbinang

Since Sumpah Pemuda (The Youth Oath ) was declared on Sunday, October 28, 1928, no other oath had ever been registered in my memory, at least as strong as the Sumpah Pemuda. There was Tritura (Tri Tuntutan Rakyat, Three People's Demands, at the dawn of the New Order regime), but it was not an oath.
October 27, 2007. Label:

A few thoughts for Corruptors

Corruptors are real persons. They can be our brothers, sisters, moms, dads, aunties, uncles, sons, daughters, other relatives, close friends, teachers, bosses, neighbors, or even ourselves. So are bribers or suborners.