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July 28, 2020. Label:

List of Best WiFi Speed Test Websites

If you are wondering how fast your home wifi internet connection speed is and want to check it out, here is the list of best WiFi speed test websites that you can use for free to find it out. Normally there will be different internet speeds during the day, as various factors may affect your home wireless network connection.

July 27, 2020. Label:

More transparency of how creators make money on YouTube

Typically, creators make money on YouTube from ads that run on their videos, but only after passing the minimum requirements of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months. It may take in a matter of months for some Youtubers to hit that mark, and several years for many others.
July 26, 2020. Label:

Peugeot launches six e-bikes in Crossover eT01 line

Peugeot launches six new e-bikes in Crossover eT01 line that combine trail-ruggedness with urban riding. The French automotive manufacturer seems to be serious about its e-bikes, with already a wide line of electric mountain bikes, electric folders, city e-bikes and road e-bikes.
May 29, 2020. Label:

Twitter's Web App New Features Released

Twitter has officially announced new features in its Twitter's Web App that makes possible for users to save tweets as drafts and to schedule new tweets. While saving tweet as draft is rather familiar, but scheduling a tweet is certainly not many people are aware of.
May 22, 2020. Label:

Google Meet is Now Free to Everyone, Here is How to Use It

Just recently there's an email from Google telling me that Google Meet's free to everyone. That's because a few days earlier I signed in to a Google's page to get notification when the Meet is already available to everyone for free.

The Fingerstyle Guitar God's Name is Alip Ba Ta

It's been a while since I started following Alip Ba Ta's channel in Youtube, just a few seconds after reading a retweet in my Twitter's timeline that mentioned his name. Curious, I searched and opened his channel and watched a number of his finger styles guitar cover videos. It was a bit late knowing him, as Alip's subscribers were around 500-600 thousands already.
March 02, 2020. Label:

How to withdraw Mandiri cash without a card at an ATM

The information on How to Withdraw Mandiri Cash Without a Card at an ATM can be useful if one day we forget to bring wallet or forget to carry an ATM card that should be in our pocket, but we are in need of cash to buy food or goods.
January 16, 2019. Label:

13 Tips on How to Make More Money with Google AdSense

It's been a while for the aroengbinang blog displaying Google Adsense ads, and based on that experience as a publisher I want to share 13 tips on how to make more money with Google Adsense. There were times when blogging was still the dominant platform on the web, before being attacked and almost killed by Facebook, Twitter and other social media such as Instagram and Path.
January 15, 2019. Label:

AdSense: Anchor Ads at the Bottom of Page

By default Google AdSense Anchor Ads appear at the top of a website page, but Anchor Ads at the bottom of page can also be created by adding parameters that are officially approved by Google. This is the only way to legally change Anchor Ads that can be done without worrying for violating Google AdSense program policies.
July 09, 2018. Label:

Embedded Youtube Playlist Starts at Certain Video

Knowing how to make Youtube playlist starts on a particular video can be useful, if someday one wants to install and promotes playlists on a website. By default, the Youtube playlist is played from the most recent video, or the oldest video, depending on the settings made by the user.
June 27, 2018. Label:

How to Change Thumbnail Image of Youtube Playlist

The post on How to Change Thumbnail Image of Youtube Playlist is created to record the knowledge for future reference, as memory span is very short, and not remember a thing is human nature. Regularly changing a playlist thumbnail image may be a good idea, so people do not get bored of seeing the same thumbnail, even though the number of videos is growing. [Bahasa Indonesia]
June 26, 2018. Label:

Defer Parsing Youtube Video to Speed Up Loading in Blogger

Since my blog is back in Blogger, only a few days ago embedded iframe Youtube videos were installed again in their respective posts. That's because I had found a way to enable defer parsing Youtube Videos to Speed Up Loading in Blogger. If one installs Youtube videos without performing defer parsing or defer loading then it will adversely affect the loading speed of post, which would not be good for visitors, not for search engines as well. [ Bahasa Indonesia ]
June 26, 2018. Label:

Embedded Iframe Youtube Video Responsive 100% Width

Knowing of how to make embedded iframe Youtube Video Responsive 100% Width is sometimes useful when publishing a post with a video, since the choice of such format is not provided by Youtube. Giving a fixed width and height to a video can make the post looks awkward, and what's not nice to see is a good idea to avoid it. [ Bahasa Indonesia ]
October 12, 2017. Label:

Sparks of Aroengbinang's Mind

It's probably good to collect scattered mind sparks that I've written on Twitter and Facebook in a single post, more as a personal reference. The mind's sparks, while using word of "you" and the like, are often not meant for others but more towards myself.
January 28, 2017. Label:

WordPress: How to Make Connection Link in Bilingual Blog

If you have a blog in two languages, for example in bahasa Indonesian and English, then certainly need to know how to make connection link in bilingual blog so that readers can move from from one version to another, if desired. By creating the link then readers have option to read a post in language that they like.
January 24, 2017. Label:

WordPress: How to Change Autosave

This article provide tips on how to change autosave in WordPress. Autosave feature is available since version 2.1, which periodically saves post draft to database on the server. By default AutoSave occurs every 60 seconds, meaning that if browser or computer suddenly freezes then you just lost a job during the last 60 seconds of works.
January 23, 2017. Label:

WordPress: How to Block http referer with htaccess

Apache Web Server used by most web-hosting providers give users option to deny access from visitors based on the website address that they came from. This was done via a command to block http referer with htaccess. Of course there must be strong reason as to why a visit should be blocked.
January 21, 2017. Label:

WordPress: How to Change WP-Cron with Real Cron Job

Wp-Cron is responsible for running scheduled jobs such as scheduled posts and WP Super Cache preload. Whenever there's visitor, wp-cron checks jobs to run. However, a scheduled job may be missed if visitors are rare. On the other hand if not properly scheduled, cron may trigger many simultaneous processes that eat server resources.
January 12, 2017. Label:

Mac: How to Force Eject External Hard Drive

It's nothing new if you have problem when trying to eject an external hard drive in MacBook, and failed, then there's a pop up message "one or more programs may be using it." Even if you try to remove it using Utilities, another message will appear and it failed too. Though annoyed, certainly it's not advisable to just pull it out as it can cause problems on you hard disk.
January 11, 2017. Label:

WordPress: How to Add Author's Photo without Plugin

Easy steps on how to add author's photo without plugin in WordPress blog can be found in this post. A blog with more than one active author may need to display author's photo and bio to build emotional connection between readers and the author. It is probably even more relevant for a productive author and his or her readers when they engage actively in discussion's thread.